I am in the business of providing professional services in the area of digital marketing, social media, and e-Commerce.  I do this by gathering information from many digital platforms, filtering it, and putting it into the right perspective.  For over three decades, leading companies have trusted my innovative ideas.  
The proven track-record matters
I believe the DNS (Digital Nervous System) is critical. Internet Marketing is the Nervous System on the Internet.  Social Media is risky, with far-reaching and unforeseen effects on business.  You need a vision to know where the digital marketplace is heading.  I am in the computer line since.....1975; I can help you with a digital marketing strategy in this chaotic, complex, competitive, and fast-changing Information Technology.  
The Challenge
There is no such thing as a perfect research study, and no single source has all the right answers.  However, by evaluating multiple points of view it is possible to get a good business sense of where the market is going.  It is possible to get budget for marketing, money is not the main issue, the main challenge is to get customer’s time.  Social Media is the answer.  I will select most suitable digital platforms for your business development, out of some 20 that I have mastered.
That is what I help you do
You need an experience consultant who can lead you through the digital landscape, and point out key trends along the way.  As uncertain as the digital world is, I will help you relieve that uncertainty to some degree. I will help you focus on what matters in the digital world, and equally important, what doesn't.
So what is the next, action plan?

Amplify your social media presence with my content on digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so on.  Contact me for client examples.

By Jyotindra Zaveri