Thursday, November 25, 2021

Ep 40 - How to promote local business on social media?

How to promote local business on social media? Get more footfalls in this festival season. Jyotindra Zaveri (top 20 digital marketing experts in India) will discuss seven tips that you do not want to miss. WHEN? Thursday 25 November 2021. USA: West: 08:00 p.m. PST East 11:00 p.m. EST. India: 9:30 p. m. - 9:45 p.m. IST. Host: Kranti Shah. Episode 40. WhatsApp +91 9552946949. Previous Episodes: Net Mitra YouTube Playlist Social Media PODCAST Net Mitra #localbusiness #facebookshop #facebookmarketing #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #marketing #entrepreneurs #netmitra #news #jyotindrazaveri #india #jyotisocial #socialmediapodcast

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Ep 39 - LinkedIn news, tips and techniques.

LinkedIn news, tips and techniques. Are you the extinct leader? WHEN? Thursday 18 November 2021. USA: West: 08:00 p.m. PST East 11:00 p.m. EST. India: 9:30 p. m. - 9:45 p.m. IST. Host: Kranti Shah. Episode 38. Speaker: Jyotindra Zaveri. WhatsApp +91 9552946949. Net Mitra YouTube Playlist Social Media PODCAST Net Mitra #linkedinmarketing #linkedinnews #linkedintips #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #marketing #entrepreneurs #netmitra #news #jyotindrazaveri #india #jyotisocial #socialmediapodcast

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Ep 38 - New Face of Facebook? META for Business Marketing!

New Face of Facebook? META for Business Marketing! WHEN? Thursday 11 November 2021. USA: West: 08:00 p.m. PST East 11:00 p.m. EST. India: 9:30 p. m. - 9:45 p.m. IST. Host: Kranti Shah. Episode 38. Speaker: Jyotindra Zaveri. WhatsApp +91 9552946949. Previous Episodes: Net Mitra YouTube Playlist Social Media PODCAST Net Mitra #meta #facebookmeta #facebookpost #facebooknews #facebookmarketing #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #marketing #entrepreneurs #netmitra #news #jyotindrazaveri #india #jyotisocial #socialmediapodcast

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

How to treat stubborn diseases? Aches, Anaemia, Chronic Pain, Itching?

How to treat stubborn diseases? Aches, Anaemia, Chronic Pain, Itching? Treat such psychosomatic diseases by Therapeutic Thinking! Jyotindra Zaveri: The root cause of stubborn diseases could be psychological. Thought and belief can create our future. People are suffering from self-hatred and guilt. Subscribe We need to learn to be fearless, and I mean irrational fear. Many times people are creating illness in the body by thinking wrong. Even so-called stubborn diseases can be dissolved by releasing resentment. Kirti: What do you mean by resentment? JZ: It is a feeling of anger because one is forced to accept something they do not like. To treat stubborn diseases, one must learn to drain out that deep emotional tension inside the subconscious mind. K: Let us take a few examples of diseases that the scientific meditation technique can treat. How to be free from Aches? JZ: The root cause of Aches is longing for love. I suggest Therapeutic thinking after the usual relaxation and perception of breathing steps. After the psychic colour meditation. The positive affirmation I recommend is, “I love and approve of myself. I am loving and lovable. I have the inner power to be perfect”. K: What must be the duration of meditation practice? JZ: Normal duration is 48 minutes of mediation that include all eleven steps. Plus, various breathing exercises for 12 minutes. K: So, viewers, the plan is to invest in yourself for about one hour every day. To be healthy and happy. What about Anaemia? JZ: Along with medication, do meditation also. Do not deny yourself joy and love. The heart must pump the blood happily. Keep it healthy and happy by following a proper nourishing diet and regular exercise. The root cause of Anemia is YES BUT attitude. Lack of joy. Fear of life. Not feeling good enough. Therapeutic thinking. I suggest giving a positive thought pattern. “It is safe for me to experience joy in every areal of my life. I love life”. I am fearless. By the way, laughing is the best medicine. One can prevent lots of health problems just by laughing aloud. K: Tell us about Chronic Pain. JZ: Pain of any sort is an indication of guilt. Guilt seeks punishment. And punishment creates pain. Chronic pain comes from chronic guilt or shame. Guilt is a useless emotion. It never makes anyone feel better, nor does it change a situation. Anupreksh or the contemplation I suggest: I lovingly release the past. Everyone is free, and I am also free. All is well. I have apologised. And more importantly, I forgive and forget. I now look forward to enjoying my new life. I am willing to change. K: Let us take one last problem. Itching. JZ: Itching is an irritating and uncontrollable sensation that makes one want to scratch to relieve the feeling. Here we are not talking about insect bites or stings. Now how to overcome? Therapeutic thinking: “I am at peace just where I am. I accept myself. My need and achievable goals will be reached. I look forward to a bright future. K: Along with medication, we should also add meditation. Some physicians have realised that many diseases are psychosomatic. And therefore, it is a good idea to prescribe meditation also. Learn to think in positive affirmations. Negative affirmations only create more of what you say you don’t want. JZ: Yes, simple example, saying I hate my job will get you nowhere. Instead, say, I now accept a fantastic new job. K: in conclusion, we say we need to continuously make positive statements about how we want our life to be. JZ: Here, I would like to add, always say the affirmation thoughts in present tense or as if you have achieved your goal. Not in the future tense. Let your subconscious mind know your goal, visualise as if you are achieving it or achieved it. Join Alternative Medicine LINKEDIN Group Follow LINKEDIN Page Scientific Meditation to get updates Meditation related social media sites, free learning resources: #PsychosomaticDisorder #Aches #Anaemia #ChronicPain #Itching? #Causes #Symptoms #Treatments #emotionalhealth #yoga #prnayam #scientificmeditation #energisemind #energisebody #subconsciousmind #goals #jyotindrazaveri #innerpower #innerstrength #jyotisocial #onlinetraining #trainer #mindfulness #meditation

What is root cause of sickness? Therapeutic Thinking Meditation

Today let us discuss the root cause of sickness. There is a mental aspect to every physical disease. We will discuss Psychosomatic Disorders: Causes, and Treatment by Meditation. Stress can wreak havoc not only on your mind but also on your body. There is a reason why doctors tell you time and again to not get stressed over small issues. This precautionary recommendation holds greater importance, especially if you are ill or have a weak immune system. This is because worrying about a disease can lead to physical symptoms. Q: Which diseases are psychosomatic? To an extent, most diseases are psychosomatic - involving both mind and body. Q: What is the root cause of sickness? Psychosomatic dieseses? There are simple yet powerful proven techniques found in ancient scriptures. It is all about positive new thought patterns to replace the defective or negative emotions. For example, Insomnia, I have a list of over a hundred kinds of diseases, with their cause and what positive affirmation can heal the ailment. Insomnia Cause: Fear. Not trusting the process of life. Guilt. Anupreksha: I lovingly release the day and slip into a peaceful sleep, knowing tomorrow will take care of itself. Q: Now that we know most diseases are coming because of mental stress, what is the remedy? how to treat it? Let us take a few examples. Can Insomnia be treated with meditation? How? Q: Can Anxiety be treated with meditation? How? Anxiety Cause: Not trusting the flow and process of life. Anupreksha: I love and approve of myself and I trust the process of life. I am safe. Q: Can skin disease be treated with meditation? How? : Urticaria/Skin/ Hives Cause: Anxiety. Fear. Old, buried guck. I am being threatened. Small hidden fear. Mountain out of molehills. Anupreksha: I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace. The past is forgiven and forgotten. I am free at this moment. I bring peace to every corner of my life. Q: Can piles be treated with meditation? How? : Piles or also called haemorrhoids. Same thing. The cause is fear of deadlines. Anger of the past. Afraid to let go. Feeling burdened. The positive affirmation to treat piles: I release all that is not love. I am able to find time and space for everything I want to do. Q: What is the Anupreksha meditation technique? Watch : We can conclude safely by saying “You can heal yourself by using the Anupreksha meditation technique. Episode 43. HOST: Kirti Ramdasi. Speaker Jyotindra Zaveri. WhatsApp +91 9552946949 Meditation related social media sites, free learning resources: #PsychosomaticDisorder #Causes #Symptoms #Treatments #emotionalhealth #yoga #prnayam #scientificmeditation #energisemind #energisebody #subconsciousmind #goals #jyotindrazaveri #innerpower #innerstrength #jyotisocial #onlinetraining #trainer #mindfulness #meditation

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Ganpati Aarati Rotary District 3131

Dagdu Sheth Ganpati Rotary District 3131 Aarati - the secret of the Ganeshji family tree! Become a Rotarian: President Rtn Sachin Parmar 98232 83690. Secretary Rtn Vaishali Ravalh 98608 79469. PE Rtn Jyotindra Zaveri +91 9552946949. Connect with us on Instagram and IGTV Connect with us on our Facebook Page Rotary Club of Pune Camp LIKE Website #RotaryClub #RotaryClubPuneCamp #RCPC #pune #district3131 #DGPankajShah #india #rotaryinternational

How to develop a positive mindset and improve your personality?

Developing soft skills in the workplace: Jyotindra will discuss the whys and the hows. Kirti: Post-Covid our world is not the same place anymore. Things have changed. Developing soft skills in the workplace is important. Let us discuss how we can develop a personality. Subscribe How to achieve your goals, be Charismatic, become Smarter, Calm Down, Love-Yourself, Overcome Fear, bring People Around You, develop Your Personality, overcome Public Speaking Anxiety, make people think in your way, make people like you, overcome worry, be happy and grow strong, all these are in our wish list, in developing a personality and self-improvement. K: Tell us about this amazing App. Is it on Android or iOS? Viewers also would like to know the cost? Jyotindra Zaveri: Before I tell you about the App, let me tell you a story. Two Thiefs Stories. Mother or Teacher plays a very important role in the personality development Now about the App You might have guessed, I am not talking you are the software engineer and you have already developed this App. This software. K: One of the topics in the personality training in Public speaking. How to overcome Public Speaking Anxiety? JZ: Meditation can help not only Public Speaking fear. Various other kinds of irrational fears. Commonly know as Phobia. Stage fear. Fear of Height, etc. Practice the Anupreksha Meditation technique to reduce and eliminate your shortcomings. The first step is to accept and make a goal to eliminate such negative emotions. Visualise and contemplate your goals as if you have achieved them. Do all 11 steps in a guided meditation. Once you learn the steps, practice them regularly. I provide one to one consultation on the Me2Myslef platform K: What is the Me2Myself platform JZ: Meet online GALAXY OF WELLNESS CONSULTANTS for Healthy America 🇺🇸 Dr Suprabha Jain, MD. Holistic Health Consultation. • Master Mohanty. Yoga Therapy. • Sensei Derek Fletcher. Consciousness and Healing. • JYOTI - Jyotindra Zaveri. Scientific Meditation - Therapeutic Thinking. • Anu Raman, BAMS, MD. Ayurveda Therapy. • Joey Basna. Relaxation Therapy. • Dr Toril Jelter, M.D. General Practitioner. Dr S Jain USA Text 001 925.588.4511 • LIKE Facebook Page • Instagram • LinkedIn Jyotindra: Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open. Meditation related social media sites, free learning resources: #personalitydevelopment #softskills #winnerattitude #emotionalhealth #CommunicationSkills #yoga #prnayam #scientificmeditation #energisemind #energisebody #willpower #subconsciousmind #goals #jyotindrazaveri #innerpower #innerstrength #jyotisocial #onlinetraining #trainer #mindfulness #meditation

Change Management BPR in ERP

Why Change and what to change in a large Manufacturing business BEFORE Implementing ERP Software? Change Management BPR in ERP.
Subscribe Kranti: What is BPR? Jyotindra Zaveri: BPR is Business Process Reengineering. Or some professionals would like to call it Business Process Redesign. BPR is all about managing change. But it is not simple. It is very difficult to change years old habits, especially in business management. K: Why it is difficult to change? JZ: Human nature is to remain in the comfort zone. While implementing ERP Software the biggest challenge is BPR and not the software per se. All ERP software runs fine on a demo machine. But when we start implementing it fails. So one of the reasons is change management. And because we are dealing with senior and experienced managers it becomes difficult to ask them to change. K: You have done over a hundred ERP implementations, especially in manufacturing companies. Give some examples to understand BPR. Jyotindra has worked for over 20 years implementing ERP software. You must have come across various experiences. How do you advise the CEO to manage change? K: You have been giving ERP training. Is there any YouTube video of the same? Any Social media links that users can connect and learn ERP? JZ: Social Media links. Connect ERP for Business Management VIDEOS ERP LinkedIn Page ERP Book ERP Facebook Page Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers, ERP Group ERP Case studies https://erpconsultantzaveri.contactin... Connect on Social Media - All ERP links https://erpconsultantzaveri.contactin... #erp #enterpriseresourceplanning #entrepreneurs #erpsoftware #erpsolutions #subjectmatterexpert #onlinetraining #education #jyotindrazaveri #trainer #enterprisesoftware #crm #customerrelationshipmanagement #scm #supplychainmanagement #business #ecommerce #management