Monday, October 25, 2021

7 Digital Marketing Online Links For Entrepreneurs!

7 Digital Marketing Online Links For Entrepreneurs! Free learning resources about social media - Groups, Pages, YouTube videos, Newspapers and more - that you would not like to miss. Kranti: In this episode 32 we will learn seven important Digital Marketing Online Links for learning digital marketing. This is important for entrepreneurs and professionals to note free learning resources. To engage in social media we have Groups and Pages. Jyotindra will also share his extensive YouTube video library. Newspaper, and many more digital platforms. Q: How many videos have you published in your E-library? Jyotindra Zaveri: I have published about 400 videos. K: Q: 400 videos. Please share your youtube channel link. So that viewers can subscribe and learn. JZ: I have organised these 400 videos in 15 playlists. Let me show. 1.. All our LIVE episodes videos are available in the Net Mitra Playlist. 2.. This video explains about social media class 3.. This playlist consist of videos pertaining to Green Screen videos 4.. This important playlist consists of videos pertaining to tips on how to make presentations, how to conduct hybrid meetings, etc. K: Viewers please bookmark these links to learn digital marketing from anywhere anytime, at your own speed. Completely free. What about the latest updates? How can entrepreneurs get news? JZ: I have published an online newspaper. Guaranteed fresh news every day. 5.. Social Media Marketing Newspaper K: Is there any website or board where all your links are available? JZ: I have put all my hyperlinks on the Pinterest site. I have 300 Pins and 15 boards. 6.. K: Viewer Follow this invaluable Pinterest site to get what is new and learn tips and techniques about marketing. Q: There are users who would like to listen to your tutorials and this kind of Net Mitra episodes, for example, while driving, or while cycling. Is it possible to have a Podcast site for our Net Mitra episodes? JZ: YES. I am happy to share that we have a Podcast site for our Net Mitra episodes. 7.. K: Friends your favourite Net Mitra Channel Podcast is also available on Google Podcast Jyotindra is sharing a Google Podcast link in the Comment. 8.. 9.. And we are also on Radio Public K: What about Groups? Do we have a social media community? JZ: We have Social media group on Facebook 10.. And social media group on LinkedIn 11.. K: Please connect with Jyorindra on special social media Pages also. Jyotindra please share the links. JZ: 12.. Here is the Jyoti Social Facebook Page link 13.. And Jyoti Social LinkedIn Page link. K: What about Twitter? JZ: 14.. Follow me on Twitter to get crisp 280 characters updates 15.. Instagram and IGTV 16.. Meetup - WHEN? Thursday 2 September 2021. 9:30 p. m. - 9:45 p.m. Host: Kranti Shah. Episode 32. Speaker: Jyotindra Zaveri, leading digital marketing consultant in India (In Top 20 List). WhatsApp +91 9552946949 #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #marketing #entrepreneurs #netmitra #news #jyotindrazaveri #india #jyotisocial

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