Sunday, August 25, 2019

5 Mistakes professionals or entrepreneurs make during the presentation

What are the mistakes professionals or entrepreneurs make during the presentation?

5 Mistakes professionals make during the presentation

Avoid showing your back to the audience.  Always keep your laptop in FRONT of you. That way you can see what is projected to the audience. You do not need to turn your face to the screen. How can you maintain eye contact during the presentation if you have to take a turn for every slide?
Do not give your laptop another person to click. Click yourself. Keep the computer near you. Better use a USB wireless mouse. Saying next, next for every slide is not a good idea.  That you will have full control and you can advance slide forward when you finish your point. During Question, you may like to go to a previous specific slide to explain your answer. Even the organizer needs to take care to provide a laptop on the podium in front. Unfortunately, people who make arrangements are not professional and have no idea of such a simple requirement. You need to tell them in advance.
Tell about making the slide? I mean, What mistakes are made while making the  PPT?

A serious mistake made while making your PPT is to use smaller font size, and no images. Always use a bigger font size depending on the size of the audience. I  usually use 36 or 40 points in size.  Using bullet points with few words is a good idea.  Bullet points are not only for the audience it is for the speaker to prompt for the next point. Do not fill the slide with all texts. Explain your point verbally.  Use related images, use animation effect sparingly.

Most speakers feel shy to tell the audience to follow him or her on social media.  Always add a slide showing your social media links;  just before the last slide, Thank You slide (or Question? slide). For example, Follow me   OR Like my Facebook Page You can just put the respective social media logo followed by the link.
Speaker does not Check-in. Advertise your presence by telling the audience to take a photo with you and do Facebook Check-IN.  And post on his her timeline. That way his or her friends will know about your event.

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