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LinkedIn Profile Tips 2018 Skills Endorsement हिंदीमें

LinkedIn Profile Tips 2018 - Tutorials for beginners - Skills and Endorsement settings

Explained in Hindi by LinkedIn specialist Jyotindra Zaveri - हिंदीमें

लिंकडिन प्रोफाइल के बारे में - लिंकडिन स्किल और इंडोर्समेंट के बारे में हिंदीमें महत्वकी जानकारी - सोशिअल मीडिया का तरीका

You need to know about this important LinkedIn profile settings. In LinkedIn, use the Skills and Endorsements option to your business advantage.

LinkedIn uses these skills terms as keywords, in their search algorithms to make sure the people who are searching for those skills, and knowledge, will find YOU.
Do proper settings: Manage how you receive and give endorsements: Set these options to YES:
1. I want to be endorsed – Set Yes2. Include me in endorsement suggestions to my connections – set Yes3. Show me suggestions to endorse my connections – set Yes
Within a category, reorder your skills, or select up to three skills, to feature in your top skills. Use the PIN button to PIN it. Use the three lines button to adjust other skills up or down.

Last but not least, do not feel shy to ask friends and contacts, who know your skills, to endorse you for those specific TOP skills.
You can ask me to endorse you on LinkedIn, and if we have interacted, and I know your expertise area, I will endorse you.

The digital economy is dynamic. Your projects and passions will come and go, as you evolve in business, so make sure your skills and its sequence matches your current avatar.

Review these skills every three months or so. To make sure keywords matches with your current focus areas.

This post is published by Jyotindra Zaveri, especially for the benefit of Indian professionals who might have difficulty in learning social media skills in English!

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