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LinkedIn Skills and Endorsement - Social media marketing LIVE 69 Nov 21

Social media marketing LIVE 69 Nov 21. Topics Discussed

1. Video Marketing
2. 'Over' the App for Editing images and videos
3. Pinterest friendly website
4. LinkedIn Skills and Endorsement
5. QR Code

6. Embed Facebook and Twitter Feed on Website

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Your LinkedIn personal profile may require attention. 
I am talking about the Endorsements option.

In LinkedIn use the Skills and Endorsements option to your business advantage.

LinkedIn uses these skills terms as keywords, in their search algorithms to make sure the people who are searching for those skills, words, and knowledge find YOU.

Do proper settings: Manage how you receive and give endorsements
1.    I want to be endorsed – set Yes
2.    Include me in endorsement suggestions to my connections – set Yes
3.    Show me suggestions to endorse my connections – set Yes

Within a category, Reorder your skills, or select up to three skills to feature in your top skills. Use the PIN button to PIN it. Use the three lines button to adjust other skills, up or down.

Last but not least, do not feel shy to ask friends and contacts, who know your skills, to endorse you for those specific TOP skills.
You can ask me to endorse you on LinkedIn, and if we have interacted and I know your expertise area, I will endorse you.
Review these skills every three months or so. To make sure keywords matches with your current focus areas.  

The digital economy is dynamic. Your projects and passions will come and go, as you evolve in business, so make sure your skills and its sequence matches your current avatar.
How to Purge your Twitter Tweets. Let us talk about Twitter!

Sometimes you want to start all over again, with your Twitter account, without losing all the people who follow you and whom you follow. If you delete your twitter handle, you will lose your followers. With the tweet purge option, you can delete all the tweets, and start over with a clean slate. This tool is called socialoomph.  Try 
Another cool tool is TweetDeck  

If you have multiple twitter handles, I suggest you use TweetDeck.  The product is basically your Twitter feed, but for multiple twitter accounts.
QR codes are similar to barcodes, except that they can hold so much more information.

QRDROID is a cool QR Code Generator.  Use this free tool to generate QR Codes. You can generate QR code for an event, or map location, text, email id, mobile number, website URL or Facebook Page URL or any internet address. 

There are many QR code apps to scan the QR code. The user can scan the QR code and it will instantly decode to show respective content.

Let us say you wish to share a document. Just create on Google doc. Generate QR code using the URL of your Google doc. Instantly a QR code will be generated. Share the QR code, the user can scan a get the document instantly.

How about putting at the end of your presentation, when the scanned user can download your ppt! Steps: Publish your PPT on Copy the URL. Generate QR code. Insert in the last slide.  Ask the audience to scan.

Do not to play hide and seek on social media. 
Especially on LinkedIn and Facebook, you can restrict the audience. I suggest keep it public. Well, we are talking about marketing and publicity. So what is the point in hiding your profile or posts? Let it be discoverable.
How many video views you have on YouTube? 
Someone will say 1000 views, 10,000 views. 

Actually, it is like asking a question how many miles or kilometer you have driven in your car. And you will take a quick look and say, I have driven 1000 miles. Cool. But what if you have two cars? Or multiple vehicles?

So are uploading your videos on YouTube only? And reporting the views?

Have you uploaded the same video on Facebook Page also? What about views on Facebook? And LinkedIn, or on IGTV?

Well, the point is like in good old days you would perhaps have only one vehicle. Let us say in those days YouTube was the only video platform. You may miss some audience on Facebook or even LinkedIn. In other words, the number of views for a given platform is what is important. Maybe you need to sum up all views from all platforms. Well, some audience could be technically overlapping.

In short, in your social media marketing strategy steps will be as follows:
1.    Regularly create videos, maybe two to ten minutes. Every week.
2.    Upload on various digital platforms
3.    See Insights and fine-tune your strategy every three months.
Over and out
Try this awesome App Over

I say over and out so you will remember
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