Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Social media marketing training Wednesday LIVE Invitation

You may not try new things because you do not know what is around the corner! 

So when it comes to your DIGITAL MARKETING, what is holding you back, and what is waiting for you if you just step forward? 

Here are a new ways to learn and improve your confidence. … because entrepreneurs dare!You will not find another social media training like Wednesday LIVE, because it is way ahead of the game. Social Media Marketing Wednesday LIVE # 61

• WHERE? On Zaveri Jyoti Timeline

• WHEN? WEDNESDAY 26 September. India 8:00 pm (IST). Europe 4:30 pm. USA 10:30 am (PST).

Participate from anywhere. Ask a question in Comment. Social media specialist Jyotindra Zaveri will answer on the spot.
This is a FREE public event organised by Jyoti Social. Please Share.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Social media marketing Wednesday LIVE 59 Sept 12 - Atlanta USA

Social media marketing Wednesday LIVE # 59 on September 12, 2018

free online training by Jyotindra Zaveri. Broadcast from Atlanta, USA

This is a free webinar. You can participate on any device. Ask question in Comment. Please Like and Share this broadcast.

Social Media Marketing LIVE Chat # 59. Topics discussed 
1. Facebook Rosetta the AI Tool that can read text from your images and videos.

2. Facebook Premier Videos are akin to LIVE.

3. Pinterest has surpassed the 250 million monthly active user mark.
4. IGTV the Instagram Television 
5. IoT (Internet of Things) Industry 4.0 online forums (Groups).
6. Instagram pushing parents to let children use it :(
7. Emotional Intelligence: Wisdom Vs Intelligence.

In case you missed, my LIVE broadcast from Atlanta, USA, here is the video you may study to learn what is new in the digital marketing space!

The original LIVE video with real-time interaction is on Facebook

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