Thursday, August 9, 2018

Social Media LIVE # 55 broadcast excerpts

Social Media LIVE # 55 broadcast excerpts: Wednesday 8 August 2018. Pune. 

Main points transcription given below, that were discussed during this free online training.

Topics discussed - Whatsapp multiple users video conference call, Cloud security, Google coming back in China, Collaborate not Compete, Keywords and Hashtags, IQ and EQ.

1. Today is Wednesday 8 August twenty eighteen and I am Jyotindra Zaveri, your friendly social media-marketing consultant and trainer.

2. What is cloud? When you store your data, pictures, video on cloud, where it actually goes. Up in the sky? No your stuff is stored in someone else computer! Whose computer? Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and so on. Is it safe? No, it is not safe. It can be hacked. Identity theft also happens.

[More importantly, when you are using somebody’s Server (does not belong to you), what rights you have to complain about security? If you feel insecure, stop using your mobile phone. Stop using internet. Because the moment you are connected on net, thousands of smart hackers are just waiting to pounce on your stuff]. 

3. Whatsapp competing with SKYPE? How? You can now make video call with MULTIPLE PEOPLE ON WHATSAPP.

4. Keyword or hashtag. Secret technique of Hashtag: After the main post content, add 5 - 10 keywords preceded by # sign (without space). Mainly there are three kinds of # tags.
1. Industry hashtags may not be directly related to what is in the post but are specific to the industry and clients you serve.2. Content hashtags should directly relate to the items in the post itself.3. Niche hashtags are specific to the CLIENTS you are trying to reach.

5. Jyotindra Zaveri suggests: Discuss with your internal team, you will be surprised you will have a good list ready after the brainstorming session. Now make a list of hashtags and keep it handy in a spreadsheet.
6. You may also use Instagram popularity count to decide important tags.
7. You will find popularity post count available only on Instagram. Use this to prepare your list of hashtags for Twitter, etc.
8. There are three kinds of hashtags:
1. Extremely popular hashtags:  100 K to 500 K posts associated with them. 2. Moderately popular hashtags: 10,000 to 100,000 posts associated with them.3. Niche-specific hashtags: 10,000 posts associated with them. 

9. Jyoti Social recommends you to use few of each of above.

10. Another useful method is to find what others are searching is using this cool site by Google

11. Chinese will be using Alphabet? Google is welcome back in China. Baidu CEO is preparing for the head-on collision with the giant. August 3, twenty eighteen, Google was seen in China ‘Digital Entertainment Conference’, at Shanghai. Looks like it will be a censored version of the search engine. Let us wait and watch what Baidu will be doing.

12. Last but not the least I would like to mention about IQ and EQ. Intelligence and skill to use Internet Technogym is a good idea. But along with that user should also know the EQ. Emotions.

a. Let me explain by an example. Greed is an emotion. Because of this bad people are able to cheat, by showing carrot of lucky price, gold etc. Greed.
b. Another example is that of anger, violence, and retaliation. Facebook is used in a wrong way. IQ and EQ both are equally important. I think you got the message.
c. Learn all social media marketing skill but along with that also learn what not to do. In ancient literature, Pragya word is used. That is use of your reasoning mind and not drives your action by only emotions.
13. All previous LIVE videos, since August 2017, links are published here on my website

14. आईए बातें करें. Let us discuss in Hindi also
15. Some talk in Hindi about collaboration and not competition between Indians professionals.

Bye! See you next week on Wednesday 15 August. Same time.
Thank you for joining.
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