Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ways to get a Plastic- Pollution Free planet by Earth Day-2020

Every year 22nd April is celebrated as Earth Day!

This year’s theme: Ending plastic pollution by Earth Day 2020

Sharing TWENTY ways how each and every individual can contribute to this environmental cause

1.       Bring your own shopping bag : Instead of taking a 
       new shopping bag,Use your own reusable shopping bags.

2.       Stop buying bottled water: Avoid using plastic bottled water, 
       keep a refillable bottle handy

3.       Choose cardboard over plastic bottles and bags: 
       Prefer using cardboard boxes instead of plastic bottles & bags

4.       Say no to straws: Whether for home use or when you’re 
       ordering a drink at a bar or restaurant, avoid plastic straws.

5.       Get the plastic off your face body washes that contain plastic: 
       Avoid using  face body washes or beauty products using 
         “polypropylene” or “polyethylene”.

6.       Skip the disposable razor: Instead of tossing a plastic razor 
       in the trash every month, consider switching to a razor that lets 
       your replace just the blade or even a straight razor.

7.       Switch from disposable diapers to cloth: If you’ve got a young 
       baby, you know how many diapers can end up in the trash each day. 
       And all these add to the plastic trash.

8.       Re-think your food storage: Avoid Plastic baggies, plastic 
       wrap, and plastic storage containers for storing food.

9.       Shop in bulk: Shop in bulk to reduce the use of plastics.

10.   Use reusable produce bags: Try to use reusable bags instead 
      of  disposing plastics every time.

11.   Give up Chewing gum: Remind yourself while buying a chewing 
      Gum, you are actually chewing plastics. It is neither good for you 
      or for the earth.

12.   Buy boxes, not bottles: Buy laundry detergent and dish soap in 
      boxes instead of plastic bottles. Cardboard can be more easily recycled 
      and made into more products than plastic.

13.   Use reusable bottles and cups: Buy  prepared foods in glass 
       jars instead of plastic ones, which are reusable.

14.   Use matches: If you need to light a candle, build a campfire 
       or start a fire for any other reason, opt for matches over 
       disposable plastic lighters.

15.   Skip the frozen foods section: Frozen foods offer both convenience 
       and plenty of plastic packaging. Better not to use them for 
       the environmental health.

16.   Avoid using plastic wares: Say goodbye to disposable chopsticks, 
      knives, spoons, forks and even sporks to reduce your carbon footprint.

17.   Clean green: Try to keep your surroundings clean & green. 
       Do not throw plastic or plastic products here & there.

18.   Return reusable containers: When you buy something from 
      the market, simply bring the plastic containers to the market when 
      you need a refill. You can even ask your local grocer to take the 
      containers back and reuse them.

19.   Pack a lunch the right way: Avoid packing your lunch boxes 
      in Plastic bags.

20.   Use Cheap and natural cleaning alternatives: Avoid buying multiple 
       plastic bottles of tile cleaner, toilet cleaner and window cleaner 
       if you have a few basics on hand like baking soda and vinegar.

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