Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Social Media Crossword Puzzle answer

Crossword Puzzle focusing on Digital Marketing


Social media crossword puzzle answer


  • Across
2. Leading Social media agency (5,6) (Tip Jyoti Social)
5. What not to do frequently on Social Media? (4,7)
6. Distribute brochures electronically (10)
8. The number one digital platform (8)
10. Digital marketing where money is (9) (Tip Mobile)
11. Sr Social Media Consultant and Trainer (9,6) (Tip Jyotindra Zaveri)
12. Digital platform offered by Google to make a Blog (7)

  • Down
1. Word of mouth marketing on internet (6,5,9)
3. Short messages (7)
4. Interesting Pictures (9)
7. Working professional networking (8)
9. Keyword for social media (7)

Note: Figure in bracket indicates number of characters. (6,5,9) Means Three words with one space in-between. Total 22 Characters including three spaces. 
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This post is created by Jyotindra Zaveri, Social Media Marketing Consultant and Trainer.

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Try one of the Wordler.net quizzes at https://wordler.net/view/AUUbhEU1sJ/0