Sunday, January 21, 2018

What is PYMK algorithm - How and Why Facebook says People You May Know

How does facebook know who to recommend, who you might know, even if you have not met them?

Answer is simple, you only gave contacts to Facebook! 

Mobile to Mobile
If both friends add the same school or college in the education tab, then they will be shown, as you may know on each other.  Or if you have a large number of mutual friends then Facebook guesses that you people might know each other! Clever logic isn't it?
    People You May Know
You have synchronised your phone address book to Facebook. It’s part of the permissions you allow it while installing the Facebook App, on your smartphone. So, if you saved a Courier or a random vendor's number there, Facebook will consider as PYMK - and his name will soon appear as a recommendationPeople You May Know.

Another way Facebook finds your possible friend is based on Camera metadata. If two people posts pictures that seem to be similar, for example, they could be friends of friends. Or, if the pictures have lens scratches, or dust in the same spots, they must have been shot with the same camera. Facebook robot thinks you may know the other photographer.  For instance, all the people a wedding photographer has shot (with the same lens) will start showing up in one another’s friend recommendations - P Y M K - People You May Know!

This Facebook feature is not new, actually TEN  Years old technology that helps you find a lost friend. However, I have a another kind of challenge that is, I have reached limit of 5000 Friends.  So unless I UN-Friend someone, I cannot add, even if I want to. I have to remove some sleeping friend to add more active friend.  Anyways, I have created a Facebook Public Figure Page, where there is no limit of FANS who LIKE my Page.

Facebook uses the latest Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, predictive analysis, and Big Data for the PYMK.

Facebook is a # 1 digital marketing company in the world!  It is in Facebook interest to have people connected so they can sell market research, demographic data, and cater to you as an individual. Targeted advertisements are the main source of revenue.  So it makes sense Facebook robot will do anything,  to build people's connections. 

FaceBook does not purposely intend to injure anybody with their recommendations. It is up to you to add Friend or not.

This blogger blog post is written by Jyotindra Zaveri.

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Jyotindra Zaveri is consultant and trainer.  Formerly with IBM.  Computer Engineer (Germany).  IT Professional since….1975.  

This blogger blog post is written by Jyotindra Zaveri.
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