Sunday, June 25, 2017

Facebook Marketing – Multiple Facebook Pages

Facebook Marketing is the most important presence on social media marketing

You may create Multiple Facebook Pages each for specific target audience

Multiple Facebook Pages. Each for specific audience.

First, you identify the audience, in marketing parlance the ‘audience’ is our customers.  

If you have four different category or types of products or services that you want to promote, to four different kinds of customers; you may create four Facebook Pages.  

Here is an illustrative example of my four Facebook Pages:
I have created Four Facebook Pages:
  1. Jyoti Social: For Facebook Users who are interested in social media as user / clients / prospects. This Page is focusing on Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Professionals who want to keep updated about social media  
  2. Jyoti Zaveri Marketing: For Entrepreneurs who would be interested in joining hands with me to become partner.  Collaboration over Competition.  Facebook users who are already having business and wish to expand. This Facebook Page is focusing on Digital Marketing professionals 
  3. Jyotindra Zaveri Page: For Health conscious people.  Facebook users who are interested in Meditation, Yoga, and related topics. This Facebook Page is focusing on Health and Lifestyle related topics
  4. ERP Ecommerce Page:  For audience interested in topics such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software, eCommerce, IoT.  Facebook Page ERP Ecommerce Page
Since you are updating your Facebook Page more often, you can embed each Facebook Page in your Website or Blog; so that the same will always have a fresh content. Great idea for Social Media Optimization. I have actually demonstrated the embed in this post. I have used Facebook Plugin.

The advantage of having multiple Facebook Page is to ensure the audience is getting updates in which they are interested. Your Facebook Page is interactive website.
This is better than the traditional website because in traditional website usually there is no mechanism for two-way communications.  Normally people may not like to register on a stranger website so you do not get to know who came to website.  In case of Facebook Page we can easily find out WHO Liked the Page. 
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