Saturday, May 16, 2015

Social Media Marketing Outsource or manage in house

Why outsource social media marketing?

Digital marketing is not just the website and Google ad words, PPC, and so-called SEO.

Are you fed-up with SEO consultant promising first page in Google search engine?

Well, frankly traditional website has limitations.  Moreover, Google is changing the search engine algorithm very often. 

Social media is not just for socializing socially.

First, understand the importance.  Social media marketing is:
  1. Networking with the targeted audience
  2. Word-of-mouth marketing on the internet
  3. PRO - Virtual Public Relations Officer
  4. Marketing communications
  5. Where insights or performance reports are available
  6. Results-driven
  7. Investment in the future of your business
  • You want to interact (called engagement) with your customers, and prospects, and you know that social media is where you can do that.  However, you may not know how to go about reaching them there.  Sure, you are on LinkedIn or Facebook.  You comment on your friends’ vacation photos and funny posts.  You post the occasional family picture yourself.  You have many “friends” and you like to Like.
  • My question is how all that is going to help in your business.  Do you really know how do you leverage these networking sites for business?  What about Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and all such digital platforms?  This is just the beginning of the revolution in digital marketing.
What is important is that you need to leverage these social media sites in order to market your products or services.  And, to do it professionally, you need to hire a proven, professional, experienced Social Media Marketing consultant Like Jyoti, who has a track record to show.  Let me explain:
You see, using social media for marketing is a whole lot different than using it for personal purposes, that is your ID and not your Company Page.  We use the Page and Group for marketing.  Do not confuse with these three different areas (algorithm) of social sites.
Teenagers use facebook but they use the ID part NOT the Page or Group.  Do not be under impression that because they are on facebook, they know how to manage Page and Group.  It is not recommended to hire young college students or someone just out of school without much business experience, to take on your social media marketing.

A solid understanding of business and marketing is essential.  Maturity and experience are important.  At end-of-the day you will realize that, it is your logo and reputation, which is on the internet, if you realize early, do not wait until end of the day :) 

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