Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Social media marketing requires nurturing - Cyber Gardner

Social Media garden needs a Gardener

I am your Cyber-Gardner - Do not miss this related video 

"Main mali hoon. Main apka garden savvarne ke liye aaya hun."

Friends, I am your cyber Gardner. You have plants in your garden. Some plants grow slowly, some plants grow faster. But, in your garden, all plants require care. You have to give water regularly and fertilizer and insecticide - organic or inorganic fertilizer and so on. As a cyber-Gardner, I take care of your garden. I will take care of your plants. Here I am talking about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  

All digital platforms needs nurturing. Nurturing means you need to regularly look at these websites, regularly do the proper settings. You have to regularly do the posts. If you want to use this social media marketing for your business to promote your brand, your product, your services, you need a professional gardener to nurture your websites

Here is a complete list of links that demonstrates sixty plus digital platforms http://appearoo.com/Zaveri
After you are on the appearoo site click on the Groups /Pages tab to see list of Social media Groups and Pages that I am managing. 

On your behalf, I will manage your Facebook page, Facebook group, your LinkedIn page or LinkedIn group, Instagram, Pinterest, and twenty such digital platforms.

This blog post by Jyotindra Zaveri, Pune, India.

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