Monday, February 9, 2015

Digital Marketing Milestones - Social media marketing sites

Five awesome online learning resource for you to learn all about social media marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words - Video is worth 1000 pictures

YouTube Marketing

You store files in a folder on your hard drive.  On video channel you store videos in a Playlist.  Above is a YouTube Playlist embedded in this Blogger Blog pertaining to social media marketing.  Click on PLAYLIST button on top left side to view videos list.  List of 25+ Videos.

  1. Subscribe training videos pertaining to Social Media Marketing and ERP. 201K video views. Yes, Two Lac Video Views of this awesome /dnserp channel.  And this is not Bollywood videos, but videos focusing on IT enabled business management topics, such as digital marketing, social media marketing, ERP, eCommerce, and other IT (Information Technology) related subjects! 550 Subscribers .
  2. Jyoti.Guru eLearning website has 2,80,000 Page Views. Click  on the + icon to view STATE WISE unique visitors count.  This flag counter is also embedded on right side of this blog, Scroll down to view.
  3. Digital Vivekananda website Follow. 65 Presentaions published.  116K Views. 590 Followers. 1300 Likes.  
  4. This BLOG - Blogger: Subscribe - See Page-views counter on right of this post.  This is an illustrative example of Google Blogger digital platform for social media marketing.  A Blog is similar to a website but more dynamic as compare to static traditional websites, because of the posts.   
  5. Google Plus Page Social Media G+ Page 10,000 Views.


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