Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Social Media Marketing - YouTube Marketing - 3D Wall - YouTube PlayList embedded

Does this remind you of Harry Potter's Hogwarts School's three dimensional picture wall?

Three Dimensions Picture Wall.

Videos are first uploaded in YouTube and then embedded in the Cooliris platforms.

I Tube, We Tube, YouTube, YouTube…My Video channel  has 1,78,000 Video Views - Click to see similar to Harry Potter's Hogwarts School's 3D picture wall? 
Please slide the blue button to view the Cooliris 3D Video gallery live demo.  Click on any video to play.

Please slide the blue button to view the Cooliris 3D picture gallery live demo.
Picture Gallery - These pictures are first published in the Flickr site and then embedded in the Cooliris platform.

Here is YouTube PlayList consisting of 24 Videos regarding social media marketing.
Click on the down-arrow on top right corner below to see the list of all videos that you can play and learn all about social media optimization and tips on digital marketing.

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