Monday, March 24, 2014

Digital Marketing includes Social Media Marketing

Newspaper publishing is combination of journalism plus technology. is a digital platform to publish your own newspaper.

I specialize in finding, publishing and promoting engaging articles, of your profession or industry to promote your product or service.

  • It is necessary to get right headlines from across the web in real-time.
  • Outsource your digital marketing to me.
  • Even a school kid can do the posting in Facebook or upload a video. However, WHAT to post and WHEN to post requires maturity.
  • Digital marketing includes social media marketing, my newspaper 'Digital Marketing News' gives you fresh headlines everyday.
  • Keywords and news sites are the secret of successful online newspaper. Outsource your digital marketing to me because I do necessary research before to get the right contents. Here below I have embedded the Facebook live post, you can Like it Share it in real-time; that corroborates my claim, because a large digital marketing company says so.

You understand that legacy marketing is becoming less and less effective by the day, and that there has to be a smarter way.  Answer is Social Media Marketing.
My newspapers showcases how content can be discovered successfully, for posting on LinkedIn or tweeting on the twitter. I use the latest tools, technologies and processes that help me to learn new publishing skills and apply lessons to your organization.

About Jyoti:
  • Extremely detail-oriented, able to meet deadlines, and work well as part of your marketing team. Innovative and creative, always looking to think outside the box with new ideas and able to quickly adapt to changes.
  • Very social online, with an engaging personality and a constant urge to share interesting content online. Enthusiastic and passionate about being a long-term part of your organization as consultant and trainer.
  • Mastered both art and the internet technologies, to build a digital ecosystem. Seven+ years of experience on Digital Platforms and Social Media Marketing. Published three online newspapers. Webmaster of 50+ Websites, Blogs, Pages, Groups, and micro-blogs.
  • Publishing three daily online newspapers of 1) Digital Marketing, 2) ERP and eCommerce and 3) Lifestyle and Health; on digital platform.


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