Saturday, July 27, 2013

Facebook Page - Google + Page - LinkedIn Co Page

"Oh Facebook Friends! What do you know the importance of Like?"
All three top networking sites Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn allow you to create Page.  Page on social media is your interactive website.  You may create more than one Page.  Each Page focusing on specific audience.  The best part of the Facebook Page is you get awesome analytic and the 'Likes' much faster:

  • Find Your Way Around
Overview: Get a 7-day snapshot of the most important activity on your Page.
Page: See how your fan base has grown over time and how people are connecting with your Page.
Posts: Compare the performance of all your posts.
People: Learn more about your fans and the people who like, comment and share your posts.

  • Watch Your Audience Grow

See how many times your Page was liked and unliked each day and learn where your likes come from — the different spots on Facebook where people are clicking "Like" to connect to your Page.

  • Understand Your Reach

Posts that get more likes, comments and shares show up more in News Feed and are seen by more people. Posts that are hidden, reported as spam or cause people to unlike your Page reach fewer people.
If you notice a spike or dip, look at what you posted that day to learn more about how you might have influenced your reach.

  • Compare Post Performance

Understanding how people respond to your posts is a critical part of being able to create the best content for your Page. With everything in one place you'll be able to see the best and worst performing posts so you know what works and what doesn't.

  • Get To Know Your Fans

Find out more about who likes your Page (your fans) and who likes, comments on and shares your posts:
  • How your fans are similar and different from other people on Facebook.
  • Common traits of the people who like, comment on or share your posts. 
Google Plus Page
           However, Google + Page is superior as compared to Facebook Page.  The +1 is similar to Like but Google + Page has obvious advantage of the mighty Google Search Engine supremacy.
Click Google + Page  to view example of Google + Page.

LinkedIn Page
The Number One is LinkedIn Company Page because it is the most professional way to publish your interactive website and get followers.
Click LinkedIn Page to view example of LinkedIn Co Page.

What do you say?
Do you agree that # 1 is Linkedin and # 2 is Google + and # 3 is Facebook Page?