Saturday, February 23, 2013

Crossword Puzzle # 01 on Digital Platforms

Are you Social Media Marketing expert?

I have created a crossword puzzle # 01 for you.  

How many Digital Platforms do you know?
Here are the clues:

4. Can ask Question
6. Google will help you to Blog
8. Affordable branding (3 Words)
10. Book Mark
11. Embed Picture
12. Professional connection
13. Dancing Website (2 Words)

1. Professional video
2. Clips
3. Will it compete with FB (2 Words)
5. CMS
7. Oh! Bird, take my message
8. Make them brand advocate (2 Words)
9. # 1 Networking site

Please do not post the solution here but send by message or email to  If your solution is found correct, I will declare your name here, as soon as I receive.  Correct solution will be published next week.  However, your feedback will be appreciated in the comment below: 

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