Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Social media is not same as traditional marketing

Proper social media marketing such as Google+, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, etc., is designed to get the users of your social media services and conversations to recommend your organization.  To refer to you and link to you in other areas of the internet.  Your digital marketing agency (like DNS) is there to direct a social media strategy designed to highlight the importance of using digital platforms and other social networking streams.  

People are bored with advertisements saying, “I am the best” or “My products are the best”.  Everyone is claiming to be number one.  Instead, social media is more personal, so when you put your profile picture, it is not a good idea to put logo.  However, you can make a group or page and put your logo.  Facebook group is a nice way to engage your audience albeit ‘indirectly’. 

Your social media strategy should be having an impact on the way your company does business; both internally and externally.  That is the point of social media and that is how it works.  LinkedIn, YouTubem Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing aren’t just about getting more people to come and buy your services (or products);  in fact, any good digital marketing agency (like DNS) will tell you that the direct advertising potential of social media is limited.  What social media strategy does instead is to give you an unprecedented window into the real thoughts and feelings of your prospects / customers.

By tracking your own comments, buzzwords and key phrases in the social media stream, you will be able to see what your contacts really think about you, and use that information to fine-tune your existing campaigns, and promotional strategies to match the expectations and desires of your customers.  Invite your audience to join a group on LinkedIn or Facebook and discuss about benefits of your services (or products) and do not try to promote directly.  People will come again if they get some useful information to your website (I mean social sites).  Glossy ad era is phasing out and flash animation is now losing the glamour.  Just ignite a conversation and you have your branding because users are already on your social site, and will not miss your logo or slogan.
Viral marketing will help your branding in an unprecedented way.  This is possible because of Web 2.0 technology.  In other words interactive sites help people to share your posts easily.  This is a new way of 'word of mouth' advertisement.  

Social media strategy is about creating a brand personality, which can be used to express views, create comment exchanges, and ultimately bring influence to bear in fruitful areas of the World Wide Web market.  Social media marketing aims to get your brand talking with people whose own internet behaviour will have an effect on the number of people hearing about your punch line or logo.   
Here are some illustrative examples of Facebook groups:
  1. Preksha Dhyan -
  2. Scientific meditation
  3. Suhana: Your Best Friend in the Kitchen
  4. AV1 - Audio Video equipment
  5. Empowering Minds
  6. Arihant Education
Here are some illustrative examples of LinkedIn groups:
  1. ERP, E-business Forum
  2. Blue Ocean Academy Supply Chain & Logistics Forum  
For a better hands-on experience, we suggest that you join above free groups (of your choice).   You may leave the group anytime you want, no question asked.

Plan your social media campaign for the New Year 2012, because the future is now.  So what are your New Year 2012 resolutions, related to social media marketing?

Your comments will be appreciated.