Sunday, August 21, 2011

Social Media Marketing explained in HINDI -सोसिअल मीडिया मार्केटिग हिंदीमें समजाया है

फेसबुक, ट्वीटर, लिंक्दीन, यू ट्यूब, ब्लॉग के बारेमें जाने. 


यह मार्केटिंगका नया तरीका है. प्रचार व् प्रसार के लिए सोसिअल मीडिया साइट्स का उपयोग करें. 
प्रो. ज़वेरी इन्टरनेट के विशेषज्ञ है.  
  • Sometime translating every word in Hindi is not practical.  However, I have tried my best to explain the SMM topic in Indian national language. Note that I have used the YouTube annotation feature as well as caption option.  I have tried to give caption in English.  Complete transcript is given below.  I request you to share this blog with your contacts on Facebook, twitter, Google+, etc.   Do not forget to give your comment. 

"My name is Jyotindra Zaveri.  I am specializing in social media marketing. I will explain you about the social media marketing. This is a new way of marketing.  When we ask people, do you have a website? They reply, yes yes,   However, competition also has website. Everyone wants their website to be shown ahead of others.  Therefore, everyone does search engine optimization. Search engine optimization means if anyone searches, for example in Google search engine, then our website should appear first, this technique is called SEO.  Therefore, many companies did SEO.  Moreover, competition did it too.  Therefore, what to do next is the question.  The answer is Web 2.0.  This is new technology. Web 2.0 based websites are different kinds of sites.
I am going to explain the key advantages to you. First advantage of using social media is that the site becomes interactive. Means it is not one-sided dialogue.  All legacy (old) websites are static sites; they can see but cannot put a comment on the site.  However, new sites are interactive; you can put a Comment or your opinion.   This is a major change.  Another amazing change is that anybody can make a website.  You see, if you want to make a website, then you have to contact some expert who is an internet programmer or who knows Java or HTML language.  Now you see a common person or a businessperson may not know the internet programming language.  Means he or she has to depend on some expert.  Why don’t you make a website yourself?   You do not need to know HTML, JAVA, or any such programming language.  Anybody can make a website within five minutes.  In addition, this is one big advantage.  Another advantage is the cost aspect.  Anyone would Ask, any businessperson would ask, OK, I will make website, but at what cost? How much money I have to pay?  Isn’t it?  Now you will be surprised that this is all FREE, absolutely free, no expenses.  You can advertise free on the internet.  No need to pay any money.   I have told you three key benefits.
Now I will explain you about how to do all this.  Let us consider one popular example, Facebook.  I am taking example of Facebook because many people in India have heard about it or are using.  Now you can do marketing using Facebook.  First, you register with Facebook and get your id.  For which all you require is just your email address.  It is free.  Now create a Facebook Page.  When you go to your Facebook account, click on ‘create page’ and create a page.  Facebook page is like your legacy website.  Here you can publish information about your Product or service, upload your logo, or put your punch line or slogan, etc.  You can upload pictures or Videos.  So you see this is an easy way to make your website.  Here you do not have to worry about any technology no need to go to any IT expert.  
You can take picture or movie and immediately upload and next moment the whole world can view the same.  As you must be aware that in Internet there is no physical (geographical) limitation. It nothing like that my site is in Mumbai and people from Delhi cannot see, such limitation is not there In case of internet.  You can advertise in Brazil, France, America, or Germany. Therefore, it is necessary to make a Facebook Page.   Another thing in Facebook is you can create a GROUP.  Invite your community who in turn will discuss.  Say for example, you are an artist; you can make a Facebook group pertaining to ‘art gallery’.   So people who are interested in art will get-t-gather and discuss about art.  In other words, this is indirect advertisement.  So you do three things in Facebook – one is make your id, second Facebook Page and third one is create Facebook Group.  Another example I would like to give is that of YouTube.  It is a free media, where you can upload video on YouTube.  It is the second largest search engine in the world the largest is Google search engine and the second is YouTube.  Many people search in YouTube site. You can upload your video.  Consider an example of a small company, say Tea manufacturing company, and they want to do advertisement.  And there is a large international corporate company.  That international Big Company can afford a big budget.  Small company can now afford to compete.  The Tea Company can upload commercial movie clip on YouTube for advertisement and it is free.  You can also embed (insert) A YouTube video link, in the Facebook.  That way you can advertise on YouTube channel. And third social media marketing site is Twitter.  This is an internet media to give short text messages. You know SMS or texting, sent via mobile phone, similarly any short message that you wish to send can be sent using Twitter.  So you go to site, and register, it is free, not need to pay any money. You can now Tweet that means send short messages.  Those people who are following you will get the message instantly.  All these social media sites are also referred as digital platform.  There are about fifty such digital platforms.  I have given you three examples.  There are many more.  If someone wants to do professional marketing with other professionals, use In LinkedIn, you can register free.  Again, in LinkedIn you can make group, you can make company page LinkedIn page is akin to your website.  And you do not have to worry about technology.  One need not know Internet technology.  Because it is not necessary that all marketing professionals are expert in IT or know Programming.  So any businessperson can make or even homemakers can us social media sites.  So you do marketing using LinkedIn.  And one more example is called BLOG.  You can create your website Using blog platform.  Within five minutes, your website will be ready.  And it is all free.  You can publish any article, or information about your product, or service, simply write.  This is called POST.  Your post will in The Blog.  For making your blog you can use digital platform.
I will give two examples, WordPress and Blogger. You go to, all you need us email id, and you can create a blog within five minutes.  Such Website made thru the blog can be viewed by anybody on the Internet.  You can upload your logo, your slogan or punch line.  People will subscribe and a community will be formed. The community consists of all stakeholders.  Stakeholders means, our customer, prospective customers, employees, relatives, friends, shareholders, all these are in community.  And the community manager will manage these sites.
So I have give some information, for more information and queries you can contact me.  On my website, I have demonstrated all these digital media on the website,  You note down Thank You".

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top TEN Indian brands on Facebook

भारत मैं फेसबुक मार्केटिंग
There are many companies promoting their brands in India on Facebook.
Tata Docomo is the # 1 brand today with over 38 lac (>3 million) Likes.

  • This information will assist Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) in India to go for social media marketing.  Facebook being the most popular, followed by Twitter and YouTube.
  • Facebook marketing is catching-up in India.  Telecom and airline industries are leading followed by some FMCG companies.  Here is a list of top 10 brands.
  • Tata Docomo is followed by MTV India Media, MTV Roadies, Facebook India Digital, Vodafone, Zoozoos Telecom, Dove FMCG, Kingfisher Beverage, Mumbai Indian Sports, Fastrack Apparel / Accessories, Axe angel club FMCG.
  • There are about 47 brands in India which has Like-base of 500.000+ (over five lacs Likes).