Tuesday, July 26, 2011

LinkedIn company search - a useful feature - Demo

Find exactly what you’re looking for:
The right company, person, expertise, or knowledge you’re looking for is already on LinkedIn. Now it’s even easier to find what you need to be more effective professionally:

  • Search by name and other distinguishing characteristics to quickly locate the person you are looking for.
  • Use the advanced search to target specific skill sets or find subject-matter experts.
  • Conduct reference searches on potential job candidates and business partners.
  • Quickly search your inbox for important messages and information.
  • Find the right jobs, knowledge, or groups to make you more productive.

You'll find the "Search" box on all pages of LinkedIn in the upper right corner. The "Search" dropdown menu defaults to search for "People" but can also be used to search for Jobs, Answers, Groups, Companies or messages in your LinkedIn Inbox.
You can refine the search by Location, Fortune 500 rank, Industry type, size of company, etc. See the demonstration of the LinkedIn search feature demo for company in the above short video clip.

Don't you think this cool feature can help social media marketing? 
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Social media marketing training report

We conducted half a day training program in Pune, India on 20 July 11.

Social media training - basic concepts

Social marketing requires change in attitude

Here is a report of the session held on 20 July 11 at the Boat Club, Pune, India.
1.  Twenty+ participants attended the social media marketing training program from various sectors of industries and even house-makers  - Manufacturing Industry, Real estate, hospitality, HR executive, tour & travels, senior consultants, Journalists, Marketing professionals, IT professionals, etc.

2.  The program started with a warm welcome form Mr. Vikas Kakade followed by introduction of Prof. Jyoti Zaveri who is specializing in the Web 2.0 technologies.   Prof. Jyoti introduced various digital platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Blog. He gave analogies, which helped to learn how search engine works, and the importance of keyword and SEO.  He explained that the change from legacy way of marketing to the new way of digital marketing requires a strategy, a plan to engage target audience.  The training session was interactive, many questions were asked.  Ensuing discussion was exciting and charged the participant with energy.
3. Topics such as: “What if someone posts a negative comment on the blog”, “Total cost of ownership (TCO)”, “How much time the SMM initiative takes to start showing the results?” . He elaborated on the web analytics report and gave examples of insight, available from YouTube. [http://www.dnserp.com/web_analytics.htm ] The graph, charts and real time reports informs the marketing executive about the status of the advertising campaign.  He gave many examples of companies that have already started social media marketing in a big way, such as Waghbakri tea, Pantaloon, Gucci, etc.  He said, “Plan your time on social media sites, and do not be carried away”.  Limit your time depending on your goals. LinkedIn is recommended for B2B.
4. Few movie clips and PowerPoint presentations (hard-copies were given to participants) were used to explain the basic concepts.  At end of the day, everyone agreed that four hours were not enough and asked if we could organize a two days workshop.  Written feedbacks are given below and the movie clip is uploaded in Facebook (6.52min). Go to DNS Facebook page and see your movie clip. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=2073576633756&saved

Very encouraging feedback / comments about the course content and
the speaker Prof. Jyoti - some of them are reproduced below:
A very informative presentation. A reality view on the world technology scenario today. --
were well balanced with pictures, videos and verbal content.
High energy and very effective communication. I definitely believe the speaker is the heart of the seminar. extremely well executed.
was good, but i felt it was given in too large chunks to be really digested.  
Sufficient, videos were quiet interesting & informative. Got to know many new things
Good intro session, good -- , liked videos
Good talk ( no nonsense)
were relevant and adequate
As usual Jyoti is Jyoti, Excellent
Very comprehensive, covers all aspects of social media platforms, video clips very highly effective
very informative, kept the session at high energy level. handle questions very patiently !!
Just needed to know it all
Excellent, kept the audience involved
Very informative for the audience that does not have an idea of social media marketing
Quite happy with a knowledge about different platforms and its applicability to the different types of businesses.
Great - its a eye opener for me - informative
Has a fantastic way of presenting what he wants to present.  good communication
charming personality, skills.

  • Free: Related PowerPoint presentation  is available here http://www.dnserp.com/free_ppt.htm 
  • 101 slides PPT - explaining basic concepts of Social Media Marketing / online marketing / Web 2.0 / digital platforms / Viral marketing and so on.