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Social media sites and digital platforms list you may visit to get hands on experience

Proof of concept:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, the world of Social Media is exciting and opens up new communication channels.

This is also true for me, which is why I am providing a list of important social networking sites and digital platforms.   

Category wise list of important sites that I have mastered:

Pinterest Boards to share sites
Book marking Pins: Pinterest 17 Boards to share sites. 180 Pins. 190 Followers.

Instagram Sharing pictures on mobile devices
Instagram App Sharing pictures on mobile devices 75 Posts - 310 Followers.

 Digital platform Blogger for social media marketing

Click to see a WordPress Blog focusing on ERP SoftwareBlog:  Digital platform Blogger.  108Page views. [This Blog]. Subscribe now. For social media marketing. See counter on right bar.

Blog:  Digital platform WordPress  860 Followers. 12K Reads. Subscribe now.  For digital marketing to create smart websites.

 Tumblr blog for digital marketing

Flag Counter
Visitor Counter.  Flag Counter - 187 different countries have visited the dnserp eLearning website, 900 flags collected. See State wise breakup of website visitors of each country including India, UK, USA, Canada, etc.  Jyoti.Guru website 297K Page views.
follow on Twitter to get ERP software updates
Short Message: Twitter @followERP  760 Followers. 
Short Message: Twitter @JyotiSocial 300 Followers. 

Facebook Page for social media marketing
Networking: Facebook 3200 Friends. Connect with me.

Networking: Google+ Page Social Media Marketing.  9000 Views.

Networking: LinkedIn. 2600 professional contacts. Connect with me. Email j.zaveri @ 
Xing professional social media site
Networking: Xing. Premium German professional social media site.

flickr picture sets for digital marketing
Picture albums - Flickr - 480 Pictures and Videos - Expertise since 2010 - 48K Views

Picture gallery: Cooliris 3 D Picture wall / Video Gallery.  It sure is fun to browse like this.

Publishing: Scribd Digital Vivekananda 66 Docs. 117K Views. 620 Followers.  1300 Likes.
Publishing: 32 SlideShare Presentations, with Video. 700 Followers. 117K Total views from India, USA, UK, Germany, etc.

Question and Answers: Follow Zaveri on Quora - Digital Marketing Question Answers.  Knowledge sharing. 201K Followers.  
Real world link: Foursquare to promote your local business.  100 Followers.
Video channel. Vimeo Professional video marketing.

YouTube Video marketingVideo channel. 100 Videos - YouTube PlayList interesting videos -Social Media Marketing and ERP. 218K Video views. 640 Subscribers.
Viral Marketing: Sharethis
XeeMe/Zaveri Click here to see list of 60+ sites, blogs, groups, newspapers.

Responsive website JyotiWeb designed to view on mobile devices.

eLearning website dnserp 273K Page views from 187 countries Click to view subject wise list to learn social media marketing and ERP.

Newspapers: I have published three daily newspapers. Subscribe to get it in your inbox. It is free. Guaranteed fresh news.  1. Social Media Newspaper 2. ERP eCommerce Newspaper 3. Health and Lifestyle Newspaper.

Here are some examples of Facebook Groups - Join to get hands-
Here are some examples of focused LinkedIn Groups - Join these professional groups:
Here are some examples of Social Media Pages:
Visit frequently, because ‘Counters’ are continuously increasing - Come back for another look soon.
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