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Demo of Social media sites and digital platforms list

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, the world of Social Media is exciting and opens up new communication channels.

Digital Platforms mastered by Jyotindra Zaveri 

Proof of concept

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facebook Page Social Media Marketing
Like our facebook Page  Jyoti Social
3400 Likes.  Facebook Page is your interactive website.  Brand your product or services where your customers / prospects can get connected.

Jyotindra ZaveriNetworking: Facebook 4995 Friends. Connect with me.  Will reach facebook limit of 5K soon.  So connect with me on my Page:  Like my facebook Page 400 Like.

Pinterest Boards to share sites
Book marking: Digital Vivekananda Pins Pinterest 30 Boards
300 Pins. 260 Followers.
YouTube /dnserp
Video channel. 160 Videos - YouTube Playlist interesting videos -Social Media Marketing and ERP  270 K Video-Views. 
1140 Subscribers.  
Instagram InstaJyotiInstagram App Sharing pictures on mobile devices.  200 Posts.  860  Followers. 
Boomerang JyotiBoomerang from Instagram - It takes ten photos, stitches to make a looping video.
 followERP on twitter
 Short Message:  TwitterTwitter @JyotiSocial 1600 Followers. Social  Media Tweets
 Short Message:  Twitter @JyotindraZaveri 600 Followers.  Informal Tweets

Digital platform Blogger for social media marketing   Digital Marketing Blog:  World Top 100 Blog. Digital platform [Google] Blogger.  131 Page views. This Blog. See the counter on right side on this page. Subscribe now. Blog for social media marketing. Top Hundred Blog award winner

Google Plus
  Networking: Google+ Page Social Media Marketing.  560 Followers.

  LinkedIn. 4000 professional contacts  

Xing professional social media site  Networking: Xing. Premium German professional social media site.

flickr picture sets for digital marketing Picture albums Flickr - 515 Photos and Videos 62 K Views.

Scribd for Publishing presentations and documents  Publishing: Scribd Digital Vivekananda 50 Docs.

Slideshare presentations ERP and social media marketingPublishing: 35 Uploads Slideshare Social Media Presentation, with Video. 780 Followers.  

Question and Answers: Follow Zaveri on Quora - Digital Marketing Question Answers.  Knowledge sharing. 341K Followers.  
Real world link: Foursquare to promote your local business.  115 Followers.
Video channel. Vimeo Professional video marketing.
.Viral Marketing: Sharethis

 Newspapers / Newsletters: I have published three daily newspapers. Subscribe to get it in your inbox. It is free. 1. Social Media Newspaper 2. IoT eCommerce and ERP News  ERP eCommerce Newspaper 3. Health and Lifestyle Newspaper.

Snapchat Snapchat 

Here are some examples of Facebook Groups - Join to get hands-

Here are some examples of focused LinkedIn Groups - Join these professional groups:

Here are some examples of Social Media Pages:

  • Like Facebook   Page  Jyoti Social 
  • Follow Google+ Page
  • Follow LinkedIn  Page

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