Social Media Profile Picture

Profile picture on the social media sites is required.   

Here are some guidelines for smart and SECURED networking on the social media sites.

Do NOT put a logo in place of your profile picture.

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Social Media Safety - Your own profile picture necessary - Not with your spouse or not with your child.
  • Picture also makes your profile a lot more pleasant and trustworthy.  It is recommended that you take a head-shot, rather than the picture of you in front of a Pyramid or the Taj.  Sites like facebook allow you to make your Albums to show these kinds of photographs.  Do not put very old pictures.
  • NEW:  You can also upload a short video as your profile picture (only seven seconds). Click here to view an example.
Facebook has evolved to become a serious site.  Earlier people thought facebook more as fun and were not knowing guidelines, so the profile picture was not taken seriously, that is why you may find missing picture or a picture of a joker.For product or service promotion use Page on Facebook or LinkedIn. Put logo in the Page NOT in your profile.  The marketing fundamentals have changed, your prospect needs to see your face.  
Would you like to meet a person who says:  "Hey, network with me, trust me, but I will hide my face"?  Well I don't think so.That is the point for networking sites: Your own photo is required.  Your profile is the most precious real estate out there on a social media site, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc.  If you are casual about your profile on the social media, chances are others will also take you casually. You do not have to be a software engineer (I don't know why people always give example of a rocket scientist?), to understand that the first thing we see when checking out a new LinkedIn contact or a Facebook friend, is a profile photo.
  • I know that there may be some people who would prefer to not be exposed to profile photos from people they may NOT know.  This setting can be done in most social media sites.  Having a good profile picture may be more important than you think!
  • On one hand we want our friends and contacts to trust us, on the other hand face is kept a secret!
  • If you have already put a proper picture in your profile, that is good, but you will be surprised when you check your connections.  There are many who are hiding.  Just share this important guideline with them on facebook or LinkedIn.  They may be fake friends (or duplicate id).
Profile picture on LinkedIn social media sites

  • Uploading a cartoon picture instead of a proper profile picture is not a good idea. Seriously.
  • Not able to find a picture to upload on the social media site is not a valid reason.  You can even use your mobile camera to take a picture and upload.  It is that easy.  Avoid other things in background, plain background is recommended.  Do not put a group photo. 
  • It is recommended that you put your own picture only and not with someone else, even if you love or admire him or her; not with your Guru or child.  Profile picture on social networking website is not the place for this kind of pictures.  For example, on facebook photos album or Flickr is just the right place for such group pictures.
  • I strongly advise people who have still not uploaded picture on social networking sites, to do so without further delay.  Think from mere security point of view.  Have you attended a social get-together or a party where guests wearing funny masks? Would you share your 'happenings' with such people? Sometime someone can easily get in the crowd and impersonate.
I would not like to exchange business card with a person who is covering his / her face, in a conference or a professional seminar, would you?
Let us know your views on this important topic in the comments box below.  I am also managing several Groups on facebook and LinkedIn. From safety and security point of view, I remove members who are not having a proper profile picture.
Post written by Jyotindra Zaveri
Social media marketing consultant and trainer


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