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Social Media Marketing designer video for Nutritionist

Social Media Marketing designer video for Social Media Marketing designer video for Nutritionist! Magic to weight loss is in Your KITCHEN! Our proven diet plan is all about homecooked food, no bran, no oats, no supplements, and above all, NO starving! Eat your favourite food & lose weight!! Shraddha D Toshniwal - Award-winning Nutritionist & Dietician, Corporate Health Coach WhatsApp +91 97866 90659 OR Email Please FOLLOW SAS Fat to Slim Pune LinkedIn Page to get exciting updates #sasfattoslimpune #nutritionist #dietician #indianspices #indianfood #homecooked #diettips #weightlossjourney #dietplan #dietfood #weightloss #healthyfood #fitness #fitnessgoals #weightlossgoals #nostarving #balanceddiet #healthydiet #indiandiet #indianmeal #pune #maharashtra

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Area: 900 sqft Location: Karvenagar, Pune Location of the terrace w.r.t. the house: Living room extension Project: Renovation of the terrace Date of commencement: August 2021 Date of completion: Architect: Ar. Vasavi Mulay – TULZA DESIGNS The existing terrace is actually the terrace above the 2 BHK residences below. It forms the perfect extension to the living room of Mr Dilip Kumbhojkar. It was more of a garden with a myriad 50 odd potted plants, a Tulsi Vrundavan, and a small stage for evening mehfils. Ancient stoneware bases of old wada columns were kept as well, showing the owners’ love for history and the culture that went with it. The transformation into a tastefully designed sit-out overlooking a well-planned terrace is worth looking at. Ideal for parties, informal get-togethers, children’s play area, boutique dos, and more! An old wooden jaali, probably 80 years or more, occupies pride of place here. It was lovingly restored by removing the innumerable layers of paint and polishing it with a melamine coat. A wada door happily sits amongst a modern brickwork seating finished in granite. A mural on the wall completes the perfect venue for an inviting and easy to maintain glorious makeover!

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क्यू कॉमर्स क्या है Q Commerce?

क्यू कॉमर्स क्या है? What is Q Commerce? Learn about the new business opportunities in India. Jyotindra Zaveri WhatsApp +91 952946949 Jyotindra Profile video Company profile video Q-commerce is booming - companies like dunzo, swiggy, big basket, etc., are cropping up at great speed across the globe, a trend undoubtedly influenced by Covid-19 lockdowns and the reduced accessibility to everyday items and household goods. But what is it, why is it so popular, and what does its rise mean for consumers, cities and traditional operators? What is Q-Commerce? Q-commerce vs. e-commerce ‘E-commerce’ refers to the online purchase or sale of a good or service in the shortest possible time. 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Q-Commerce meaning: Q-commerce (‘quick commerce’) - sometimes used interchangeably with ‘on-demand delivery’ and ‘e-grocery’ - is e-commerce in a new, faster form. It combines the merits of traditional e-commerce with innovations in last-mile delivery. Consumers now want and expect more items than ever to be delivered to their doorstep...It is no longer a case of waiting 24-48 hours for delivery. Rather, the expectation for this is now a matter of minutes. Subscribe #qcommerce #digitalmarketingagency #socialmediamarketing #marketing #socialmedia #jyotindrazaveri #business #entrepreneurs #jyotisocial

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Social Media Marketing Online Workshop - YouTube Marketing 19 Jul 212

Social Media Marketing Online Workshop - 19 Jul 212 Important Follow Settings YouTube Marketing

Social Media Marketing Online Workshop Tutorial - YouTube - 14 June 2021

Social Media Marketing Online Workshop Tutorial - YouTube- 14 June 2021 - Jyotindra Zaveri

Social Media Marketing Online Workshop 11 June 2021

Social Media Marketing Online Workshop 11 June 2021. 00:00 START 04:27 BROUCHER Upload/ PPT or Sales promotional material (documents) 10:35 Graphics image/Picutres/photos 45:09 CTA 50:48 Bold/Italic/Underline

Instagram Social Media Marketing Workshop 9 June

Instagram Social Media Marketing Online Workshop for professionals - 9 June by Jyotindra Zaveri

Social Media Marketing Workshop 17 January 2022

Social Media Marketing Workshop 17 January 2022 by Jyotindra Zaveri Learn how to manage super seven digital platforms professionally. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest. Get WhatsApp on your desktop/laptop. Scan QR code with your mobile Keep WhatsApp on the Web open during the training session. You will learn by working from your home/office. Commit at least one or two hours every day to doing homework. Need not be continuous. Flexible time. What do you need? You need access to a desktop or laptop with an internet connection. It is easier to learn commands on the web version. During training, you will be asked to share your computer screen. Keep your video ON in the Zoom class. Display your name. Once you understand the steps you will be able to use the mobile phone also for posting and managing social media. In this training, you will learn both. Always use the Google Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge. Show bookmarks bar settings should be ON. Important LINKS. Please Bookmark: List of Groups List of Pages and ID List of YouTube Videos Connect with Jyoti Social Signup/ Register with Facebook. Facebook ID Send a Facebook Friend's request 2. Signup/ Register with LinkedIn. LinkedIn ID Send Connect request 3. Signup/ Register with Instagram. Follow 4. Follow Pinterest boards 5. Follow TWITTER 6. IT YouTube channel Subscribe Important links to both YouTube Channels and Playlists For clarification or support WhatsApp Jyotindra Zaveri 9552946949

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Siddh Divyang Foundation

Siddh Divyang Foundation Uday Mehta Healthy Baby App: Monitor Children's Milestones from birth onwards to make them Healthy and Creative Adults. WhatsApp +91 99231 91115. Pune, India. Please connect with our Facebook Page, Siddh Divyang Foundation. Your support is appreciated. • LIKE • FOLLOW LinkedIn Page • Connect on LinkedIn Uday Mehta • Website #SiddhDivyangFoundation #healthybabyapp #childrenapp #parenting #mothercare #childcare #childprodigy #moitorchildgrowth

The Ark Voyage to the Stars Real Estate Santosh Group

The Ark Voyage to the Stars Real Estate Santosh Group - Designer video

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Rotary Social Media Atmanirbhar online training

Rotary Club of Pune Camp Social Media Marketing Atmanirbhar online training for DIFFERENTLY-ABLED - Rtn Ajay Wagh. ROTARY CLUBS Welcome to join. SYNERGY PROJECT. Become a CO-HOST. Your name will be displayed in all our publicity and advertisements. How to help? (1) Sponsor a disabled candidate by paying his/her fees of 1000/- (2) Share this information with differently challenged people. How to enrol? Submit an Application Form Link to entire folder Participants will learn digital marketing skills. Course content includes social media posting and managing digital platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and Cyber Security. Learn from anywhere in India! This is a one-month course, classes would be held every Monday, Wednesday, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Fees? Normal fees are ₹9000/- per month. However, for a physically challenged person, it will be nominal ₹1000/- only. For more details WhatsApp Rotary Club of Pune Camp project TEAM: • President Rtn Sachin Parmar 98232 83690 • Secretary Rtn Vaishali Rawalh 98608 79469 • Rtn Dr Col Vasant Ballewar 73919 17132 • Rtn Dr Yusuf Chunawala 98903 25152 • Rtn PP Adv Sheetal Lokhande 98232 81078 • Rtn PP Kranti Shah 98227 77495 • Honorary Faculty Rtn. Jyotindra Zaveri 9552946949 Website

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Ep 44 - Social Media Marketing use cases

Ep 44 - Social Media Marketing use cases. Kranti: The Digital Marketing industry is changing very fast. What was new a few months back is obsolete—case studies. Facebook comes with a new feature, and to compete with that, Google will add something new. Your Net Mitra channel always presents what is new every week to make things easier. Can you give an example of a Page from the Education industry? JZ: Aarnell Education and Training Q: Can you give an example of a Page from the Education industry? JZ: Jyoti Social Q: Can you give an example of a Page of a professional? Say interior design company? JZ: K SERA SERA Multi-Events Tulza Designs Q: Can you give an example of a Page from the Healthcare industry? JZ: Dr Sangita Bajaj Q: Can you give an example of a Page from the Alternative medicine sector? JZ: Me 2 Myself Q: Can you give an example of an NGO? JZ: Siddh Divyang Foundation Q: What about Rotary Club social media? JZ: Rotary Club Pune Camp Q: It seems you have worked in almost every kind of vertical. Can you give an example of a Page from the Real-estate line? JZ: Santosh Group. Promoting the voyage to the stars The ARK project I suggest entrepreneurs and professionals should learn and create pages and post. I am regularly conducting online training. Q: When is your next social media training starting? JZ: Learn Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube. WHEN? From 17 January 2022 to 16 February 2022 Click here to watch testimonials on YouTube. About Jyotindra Fees? ₹ 9000/- For physically challenged (Rotary Atmanirbhar) ₹1000/-. Please submit Social Media Workshop Registration FORM For clarification, WhatsApp Jyotindra +91 9552946949 Link to entire training folder Host: Kranti Shah. Episode 44. 06 January 2022. #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #entrepreneurs #netmitra #news #jyotindrazaveri #india #jyotisocial #socialmediapodcast #krantishah #socialmediatips #freetraining #digitalmarketingideas