Wednesday, November 10, 2021

What is root cause of sickness? Therapeutic Thinking Meditation

Today let us discuss the root cause of sickness. There is a mental aspect to every physical disease. We will discuss Psychosomatic Disorders: Causes, and Treatment by Meditation. Stress can wreak havoc not only on your mind but also on your body. There is a reason why doctors tell you time and again to not get stressed over small issues. This precautionary recommendation holds greater importance, especially if you are ill or have a weak immune system. This is because worrying about a disease can lead to physical symptoms. Q: Which diseases are psychosomatic? To an extent, most diseases are psychosomatic - involving both mind and body. Q: What is the root cause of sickness? Psychosomatic dieseses? There are simple yet powerful proven techniques found in ancient scriptures. It is all about positive new thought patterns to replace the defective or negative emotions. For example, Insomnia, I have a list of over a hundred kinds of diseases, with their cause and what positive affirmation can heal the ailment. Insomnia Cause: Fear. Not trusting the process of life. Guilt. Anupreksha: I lovingly release the day and slip into a peaceful sleep, knowing tomorrow will take care of itself. Q: Now that we know most diseases are coming because of mental stress, what is the remedy? how to treat it? Let us take a few examples. Can Insomnia be treated with meditation? How? Q: Can Anxiety be treated with meditation? How? Anxiety Cause: Not trusting the flow and process of life. Anupreksha: I love and approve of myself and I trust the process of life. I am safe. Q: Can skin disease be treated with meditation? How? : Urticaria/Skin/ Hives Cause: Anxiety. Fear. Old, buried guck. I am being threatened. Small hidden fear. Mountain out of molehills. Anupreksha: I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace. The past is forgiven and forgotten. I am free at this moment. I bring peace to every corner of my life. Q: Can piles be treated with meditation? How? : Piles or also called haemorrhoids. Same thing. The cause is fear of deadlines. Anger of the past. Afraid to let go. Feeling burdened. The positive affirmation to treat piles: I release all that is not love. I am able to find time and space for everything I want to do. Q: What is the Anupreksha meditation technique? Watch : We can conclude safely by saying “You can heal yourself by using the Anupreksha meditation technique. Episode 43. HOST: Kirti Ramdasi. Speaker Jyotindra Zaveri. WhatsApp +91 9552946949 Meditation related social media sites, free learning resources: #PsychosomaticDisorder #Causes #Symptoms #Treatments #emotionalhealth #yoga #prnayam #scientificmeditation #energisemind #energisebody #subconsciousmind #goals #jyotindrazaveri #innerpower #innerstrength #jyotisocial #onlinetraining #trainer #mindfulness #meditation

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