Friday, October 29, 2021

Digital Marketing Abbreviations every entrepreneur should know by Jyotindra Zaveri

Digital Marketing Abbreviations every entrepreneur should know by Jyotindra Zaveri As online use has increased it is necessary to understand the slang. WHEN? 30 September 2021. Host: Kranti Shah. Episode 34. Subscribe Kranti: Is there a difference between slang and jargon? Jyotindra Zaveri: However, slang is simply informal language, whereas jargon is specific to a group of people. In social media, users should avoid short forms. Post with abbreviations may confuse your audience. K: I think people invent jargon because it saves time talking to one another. K: What is EOD? JZ: means “end of the day.” ​ K: FYI. JZ: It means “for your information. ​ K: PS JZ: Postscript. K: YTD JZ: means “year to date.” K: DM JZ: Direct message K: API JZ: Application Programming Interface. K: What is BTW JZ: By the way Ex. “Jyoti is not my real name BTW.” K: CMS? JZ: Content Management System A CMS is a software used to organize, edit, and publish content. WordPress is the CMS K: HTML JZ: HyperText Markup Language K: CSS JZ: Content Management System K: CPC JZ: Cost per click- K: CPM? JZ: Cost per thousand K: CRM? JZ: Customer Relationship Management K: CSS Jz: Cascading stylesheet This code language gives websites their look. The layout, colours, fonts, borders, spacing, and all other visual elements of a website occur because of the styles declared in CSS. K: CTA? JZ: Call-to-action K: CTR JZ: Clickthrough rate K: FYI JZ: For your information K: Social Media Marketers often use the word KPI. What is KPI? JZ: Key Performance Indicator KPIs are the benchmarks and goals that are most important for your business. K: LOL JZ: Laughing out loud K: PPC JZ: Pay per click In online advertising, pay-per-click is when an advertiser pays based on the number of times their ad is clicked. This is also known as cost-per-click (CPC, mentioned above). Google’s ads are perhaps the most common type of PPC available. JZ: ROI JZ: Return on investment This marketing measurement looks at the amount of profit you make based on the difference between revenue and expenses. In social media marketing, ROI tends to be an elusive metric since revenue can be difficult to measure directly from social media. Oftentimes, ROI is extended to include a return in clicks, engagement, or new followers based on the time and resources devoted to a social network. K: Does RSS refer to some political party? JZ: No. Really simple syndication Many people choose RSS as the way to keep up with the latest blog posts from their favourite blogs, via a feed reader. Feedly is one of the most popular feed readers, letting you pull in content from any site with an RSS feed. K: Twitter users ask us to do RT. What is RT? JZ: Retweet RT – When you share someone’s Tweet to your own feed, you are Retweeting them. K: SaaS JZ: Software as a service SaaS companies provide services via software either online or downloaded to your computer. K: Many digital marketing consultants refer to themselves as SEO consultants. What is SEO? JZ: Search engine optimization SEO refers to the practice of optimizing a website so that it ranks highly on search engine result pages. Some key elements of SEO are content, keywords, headlines, meta information, backlinks, and site structure/speed. K: SMB? JZ: Small business K: SMO? JZ: Social media optimization Often used synonymously, these two terms refer to the process of getting the most out of social media for your business or brand. K: TMI? JZ: Too much information K: UI JZ: User interface The user interface is the aspect of a website or product with which the user interacts directly. ​ K: Clients often ask for a URL. What is the URL? JZ: Uniform Resource Locator A URL is the internet address for a specific page. e.g. is the URL of my Facebook page. Speaker: Jyotindra Zaveri, Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer. 45 years of experience. Former IBM (Germany). WhatsApp +91 9552946949 #Abbreviations # #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #marketing #entrepreneurs #netmitra #news #jyotindrazaveri #india #jyotisocia

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