Friday, September 17, 2021

3 Rotary Plastic Recycle

Rotary Club of Pune Camp along with Rotaract Club of Pune Camp Pioneers Rotaract Club of Pune Camp NextGen Rotaract Club of Pune Camp Horizon presents SAVE PLASTIC ♻️ Community service initiative of converting plastic into poly fuel Let’s come together and make our city plastic-free In collaboration with : Rudra Environment Solution Ltd The organisation will charge Rs 500 once for a lifetime to collect plastics from society. We as an individual can come forward and propose in our own apartments or societies to help the environment to save from plastic. Along with this project, we are even coming up with a fundraising project by collecting old newspapers and magazines. For more details get in touch : Rtn. Tripti Kalra Community Service Director Rotary Club of Pune Camp 8080529968 Rtn. Vaishalli Rawalhl Secretary Rotary Club of Pune Camp 9860879469 Rtr. Atharva Patil President RC Pune Camp Pioneers 9623064614


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