Sunday, December 27, 2020

Sponsoring Opportunity LIVE Advt

SPONSORING opportunity! Short-burst news can bring long-term gains for YOUR BRAND in the digital domain: HOW? Come, collaborate with us through our Sponsorship Window on Digital Channels, which intends to help you: 1. Net मित्र LIVE Fridays 9:30 to 9.45 PM (IST) 2. Health मित्र LIVE Mondays 7:00 to 7:30 AM (IST) YOUR GAIN? These are broadcasted on (1) Jyoti Social YouTube Channel (3 Lakh video views) plus (2) Facebook 2000 views within a few days! • Gold package: Charges ₹2000 (LIMITED PERIOD OFFER ₹1000) for 60 seconds Video. You can appear LIVE, you need to join the studio in realtime; or send a recorded video. Also, your name & logo appears once during the LIVE Broadcast. OR • Silver package: Charges ₹1000 (LIMITED PERIOD OFFER OF ₹500). Your name & logo appears once during the Live Broadcast. You will be able to reach out to your potential clients anywhere in the world as they would see your logo and video on our Channels! Your digital publicity is our PASSION and for that, we need your ACTION! एक ज़लक: • Net Mitra LIVE on Facebook • Health Mitra LIVE on Facebook Submit this FORM now to go forward Do not hesitate to WhatsApp Jyotindra +91 9552946949 Website - Your email id and other information given in this form will be kept confidential.

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