Monday, October 7, 2019

6 CHHORE - Six Social Media Platforms you cannot ignore anymore


Chhichhore: Six social media platforms

Take your online presence to the Next Generation of technology. 

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Learn from expert Zaveri Jyotindra Zaveri 

Proven track record that can be viewed online. When you want to excel in any sport you think of a coach.  When you want to learn any new skill you think of joining a class. As an entrepreneur, you want to plan your digital marketing strategy you need a specialist who can get you started. 

1. Twitter 1600 Followers
2. YouTube 336 K Video View
3. Facebook 5700 Likes
5. Instagram 1100 Followers
6. Slideshare 800 followers

Figures as on 07 October 2019. 

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Former in IBM. Trained in Germany.

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