Saturday, March 10, 2018

Social Media Business Evangelist VIDEO - Jyotindra Zaveri - Profile introduction

Social Media Business Evangelist

Business Evangelist
Jyotindra Zaveri (a.k.a. Jyoti) is a senior Social Media Marketing Consultant and Trainer

IT professional since ...1975 with academic credentials in electronics and electrical engineering from VJTI, Mumbai, India.  

Formerly worked in IBM, trained in Germany. 

1. Organizations outsource their Social Media Marketing to Zaveri with full confidence, at a nominal monthly professional service charges.
2. Provides personal coaching for those who wants to learn social media.

• Helps companies promote their products / Services on Social Media.
• Seven + years of experience in Social Media Marketing.
• Specialization in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and such 12 digital platforms, with a proven record of accomplishment.
• Authored nine books including book on ERP (Second Edition).
• International Faculty: Lectures given at Leipzig University, Germany (2013).

TRAVELLED extensively from India: Bahrain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, UK, and the USA.

WORTH NOTING: Specially invited by Microsoft to meet Mr. Bill Gates in Mumbai (Bill Gates first visit to India), on 5 March 1997.

Unique initiative to educate entrepreneurs: Social media free Q & A LIVE session every Wednesday, since August 2017. 

Created groups known as Social Media Mall

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Website  Email  +91 9552846949
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They have a professional team highly specialised in the AV In today’s world, YouTube is a remarkable platform for promoting one’s personal brand. It’s not just video. It’s the focus on video, the constantly-engaged interface, and the enormous appeal of watching — not reading.
• Concept - Girish Paranjape.• Director - Rohini Wanjpe• Anchor - Radhika Paranjape• Camera - Prasad Thakar• Editing - Rushiraj• Production - Ashvin Antarkar
Business Evangelist Movie is Made by Rohini Wanjpe, Absolute Media Solutions, Pune, India

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