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Pinterest is Interesting Pictures to Pin see demo

Pinterest is all about displaying all your online assets, such as website pages, YouTube videos, SlideShare presentations, Flickr Albums, and so on; neatly in one dynamic website.

We help companies market their Business on Pinterest.

Jyoti Zaveri and his team are successfully managing Pinterest Boards and brings years of knowledge and diverse experience to brand your organization.

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Post by Jyotindra Zaveri, Social Media Marketing and ERP Consultant & Trainer.

Pinterest gives a ready widget, ready code that you can give to your webmaster, to embed the Pinterest site in your website as shown in four examples here in this blog website.

Legacy websites are useless as far as Pinterest is concerned because there are no pictures that can be Pinned.  Tell your webmaster to ensure 'Pinnable' pictures on your site.  I mean some old script shows the picture but you (or your site visitors) cannot Pin it.  Web programmers are not even aware of this new important social media sites and they are merrily using old codes to put pictures. Try it out, if you can pin your webpage from your own website or not.

Unpleasant truth:  Most so-called digital marketers are stuck with stupid Google paid Adwords and are oblivious to Pinterest marketing.  Mushrooming SEO consultants are trying to lure customers to for the first position on Google search engine.  All that is fine but have look at the new technologies and learn to get better visibility and credibility.  

Pinterest is an awesome tool for branding.

Your digital publicity is our passion!

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Proof of Concept - Illustrative examples:

Ex-IBM.  Computer Engineer (Germany).  IT Professional since….1975.

Here is a video discussion in one of the MEETUPS with Entrepreneurs in Pune, India

Get a PIN IT button on your browser to Pin any online asset.  This is available from the Pinterest help centre.  You do not have to be an IT person to Pin on a Pinterest site.

I will appreciate your views or questions, and please share your Pinterest website here in comments (if any).

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