Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Social Media Marketing Services for STARTUPS

Facebook marketing

We will manage your Facebook Page and Facebook Group.  Minimum five to Six high quality posts per week.  Share your Page posts in other facebook groups.  All that at an affordable monthly charge.
Call +91 95529 46949.
Proven track-record:  Five+ years’ experience.  Already managing facebook marketing for several organizations.  Click here to view testimonials.
Click here to see examples of Facebook groups.  Click on the Groups tab.  Connect to experience it yourself.  You may unlike the page or leave a group anytime.

LinkedIn marketing

We will manage your LinkedIn Company Page and LinkedIn Group.  Minimum five to Six high quality posts per week.  Share relevant reputed website content for your audience.  All that at an affordable monthly charge.
Call +91 95529 46949.
Proven track-record:  Five+ years’ experience.  Already managing LinkedIn marketing for several organizations.  Click here to view testimonials.
Click here to see examples of LinkedIn groups.  Click on the Groups tab.  Connect to experience it yourself.  You may unlike the page or leave a group anytime.

Twitter marketing

We will manage your Twitter Page and LinkedIn Group.  Minimum five to Six high quality Tweets per day.  Share relevant reputed website content for your audience.  All that at an affordable monthly charge.
Call +91 95529 46949.

Proven track-record:  Five+ years’ experience.  Already managing LinkedIn marketing for several organizations.  Click here to view testimonials.

Follow http://twitter.com/JyotiSocial
Follow http://twitter.com/followERP

Something innovative

Online daily newspaper

Two columns containing headlines that would interest your audience plus one column with your name as editor.   A discussion corner is integrated with facebook.  Your facebook page and Twitter page will be embedded. I will create and manage at a monthly affordable service charge.  Call +91 95529 46949.

See examples:

Social Media Marketing newspaper  http://JyotiSocial.com 
ERP and eCommerce newspaper  http://news.dnserp.com
Orbis School newspaper  http://orbisschoolnews.in
Freedom from Diabetes newspaper  http://thediabetesnews.in 
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Maere paas social media hai - use digital marketing - festive season coming

Based on popular Hindi movie dialogue from Deewar 
"..Yeh dekho yeh wohi main hoon aur yeh wohi tum.  Aaj main kahan pahuch gaya hoon aur tum kahan ho.  Aaj mere paas buildingey hai, gaadi hai, bank balance hai.
 Tumhare paas kya hai?  Kyaa hai tumhare paas.
" ................ Mere paas ... Maaa Hai"..

There is a subtle difference between a website and social media sites:  website DNA is 'I am the best'  the attitude is 'sale sale sale...'  where as in a post it is necessary to post that adds value,  share information that customer or prospect may find informative.  In short, content on website and on facebook page is somewhat different.  Posting daily is not a good idea.  People may Unlike if the content is always talking about own product or services.
  • Are you going to give prominence to digital platforms in the festive season?  Leading companies such as Panasonic and LG are doing it.  The world has moved online, you must plan to reach your customers where they actually are.  I can help you upload your videos on YouTube and facebook, or even help you making a video.
  • Click here to see list of 20+ digital platforms demo.
  • In the business-to-business (B2B) world, generating qualified leads that turns into sales can be a tough proposition.  Many companies have trusted their social media campaigns to me with confidence.   Contact me for social media marketing.
  • With the increased use of social media by business-to-consumers (B2C) marketers, many B2B businesses are looking at the feasibility of using social media to achieve their objectives. Friends I have five years’ experience in managing various digital platforms.
  • Note I have used caption feature of YouTube to add subtitles, user can translate the same in any language! You may turn on / off using the button on right side bottom corner.  This video is on my YouTube channel and is embedded here in this Blog.

Click here to views testimonial videos [playlist] , listen to what people are talking about me!

Your digital publicity is my passion.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Social media marketing demo Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, or LinkedIn

Social media sites and digital platforms list you may visit to get hands on experience

Proof of concept:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, the world of Social Media is exciting and opens up new communication channels.

This is also true for me, which is why I am providing a list of important social networking sites and digital platforms.   

Category wise list of important sites that I have mastered:

Pinterest Boards to share sites
Book marking Pins: Pinterest 18 Boards to share sites. 160 Pins. 135 Followers.

Instagram Sharing pictures on mobile devices
Digital Instagram App Sharing pictures on mobile devices 48 Posts - 140 Followers.

     Digital platform Blogger for social media marketing

    Blog:  Digital platform Blogger.  74K Page views. [This Blog]. Subscribe now. For social media marketing.

    Flag counter to find visitors country and state
    Visitor Counter.  Flag Counter - 187 different countries have  visited the dnserp eLearning website, 770 flags collected. See State wise breakup of website visitors of each country including India, UK, USA, Canada, etc.
        follow on Twitter to get ERP software updates
        Short Message: Twitter @followERP  540 Followers. 
          Short Message: Twitter @JyotiSocial 200 Followers. 

          Facebook Page for social media marketing
          Networking: Facebook 2700 Friends. Connect with me.

            Networking: Google+ Page Social Media Marketing

              Networking: LinkedIn. 2300 professional contacts. Connect with me. Email j.zaveri @ dnserp.com 
                Xing professional social media site
                Networking: Xing. Premium German professional social media site.

                flickr picture sets for digital marketing
                Picture albums - Flickr - 400 Pictures and Videos - Expertise since 2010 - 36K Views

                  Picture gallery: Cooliris 3 D Picture wall / Video Gallery.  It sure is fun to browse like this.

                    Publishing: Scribd Digital Vivekananda 70 Docs. 115K Views. 560 Followers.  1300 Likes.
                      Publishing: 33 SlideShare Presentationswith Video. 510 Followers. 49K Total views from India, USA, UK, Germany, etc.

                        Question and Answers: Follow Zaveri on Quora - Digital Marketing Question Answers.  Knowledge sharing. 180K Followers.  
                          Real world link: Foursquare to promote your local business.  90 Followers.
                            Video channel. Vimeo Professional video marketing.

                            YouTube Video marketingVideo channel. 65 Videos - YouTube PlayList interesting videos -Social Media Marketing and ERP184K Video views. 430 Subscribers.
                              Viral Marketing: Sharethis
                                  XeeMe/Zaveri Click here to see list of 50+ sites, blogs, groups, newspapers.

                                  Responsive website JyotiWeb designed to view on mobile devices.

                                    eLearning website dnserp 258K Page views from 187 countries Click to view subject wise list to learn social media marketing and ERP.

                                    Newspapers: I have published three daily newspapers. Subscribe to get it in your inbox. It is free. Guaranteed fresh news.  1. Social Media Newspaper 2. ERP eCommerce Newspaper 3. Health and Lifestyle Newspaper.

                                    Thursday, August 28, 2014

                                    Video: Write Better Papers with Google Scholar - TIME

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                                    Rockbot Grabs Funding From Universal Music Group To Bring Its Social Jukebox To More Businesses

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                                    Your Guide to Using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates for Thought Leadership

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                                    LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Guide for Lead Generation

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                                    How Do You Get The Most Out Of Your LinkedIn Content Efforts?

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                                    Wednesday, August 27, 2014

                                    Digital Will: Manage What Happens to Your Accounts After You Die - TIME

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                                    Pinterest Investor Fritz Lanman Working On Two Different Companies

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                                    Facebook Hosts First Hackathon For Female Veterans

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                                    Facebook Acquires A Sound Studio To Help Power Its App Factory

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                                    News and Startup Events from CrunchBase

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                                    Social Media Is Silencing Personal Opinion – Even In The Offline World

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                                    Pinterest Launches A New Analytics Dashboard For Business Users

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                                    Thiel Fellow Raises $1.5 Million For Social Commerce App Strut

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                                    Report: Amazon Prepping to Tackle Google AdWords With Ad Platform

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                                    Uber Tests 'Corner Store' for Deliveries in D.C.

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                                    Social Media Marketing: Is profile picture necessary?

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                                    Bizible Raises $8M To Connect Marketing Tools With Sales Data

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                                    Berlin-Based Social Media Marketing Startup Brandnew Gets $1.9M In Seed Funding

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                                    Twitter to integrate "buy" button, allowing direct purchases from the site - Neowin

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                                    Fashion Meets Social Media at the Emmys - NYTimes.com

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                                    NEW SLIDESHARE: 50 Successful People Share the Best Advice They Ever Received

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                                    Infamous: First Light Preview - TIME

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                                    What Is Twitch? - TIME

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