Sunday, July 8, 2012

Social Olympics = Socialympics

The International Olympics Committee launched a social media hub that will showcase tweets from the Olympians and connect them with fans.
2012 specially written for Netizens
At the Olympic Games in London, set to begin this month, the official motto of “swifter, higher, stronger” will be supplemented by a new label. If some marketers, fans and athletes have anything to say, these Games will be the first Social Media Olympics — the “Socialympics,” as some are calling them.  [Source: The New York Times, July 01, 2012].
  • Some athletes may spend more time on Twitter and Facebook than the playing field! At the last summer games, in 2008, Facebook had 140 million users and Twitter had about 6 million.  Google announced its adding another service to its suite of online tools.
  • Gmail Meter will provide metrics and analytics about your email habits such as how long it takes you to reply to emails whether or you more likely to write long or short emails. The tool runs a report on your activity once a month and delivers it to you by email.
  • Even the Olympic movement, which sometimes steps into the future with great caution, has warily accepted the idea.
  • Now, with more than 845 million on Facebook and nearly 150 million of Twitter, its no wonder some are calling this year's Olympics "the first social games." 


Gayle MacGregor said...

The IOC's Olympic Hub is similar to what we're doing at flumes. We track multiple hashtags and keywords around the Olympics on social media, and provide news and analysis including top tweets and top influencers. Illustrated here:

Jyotindra Zaveri said...

Thank you Gayle MacGregor for your comments. I saw your Flumes website and the Blog; interesting. Your punchline Listening to the worlds big conversations is catchy. I invite you to join the LinkedIn Group Digital-Platforms-Pro to continue the conversation.

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