Sunday, March 4, 2012

Site crosses One Lac mark - 100,000+ pageviews e-Learning website crosses the magic figure of 100,000 mark 
Free counters!
 Free counters!

        See right side bar to get real-time country wise details. Click the flags to view real-time reports.8
47,349 unique visitors from over 165 countries.  Plain old hit-counters are boring.  Collect flags and learn about your visitors.  Especially if you are doing international business, it will be a good idea to know if your visitors are from your targeted country.

This analytic gives automatic country wise break-up.  Every time someone from a new country visits your site, a flag will be added to your counter.  Not only will this make your website more interesting, but clicking on your Flag Counter will reveal amazing information and charts.
62.9% Visitors from India
These charts shows the power of the internet marketing and automatic reports which can help you to fine-tune your marketing strategies.  Country wise, or region wise, American state wise analysis should match with your target audience and other marketing game plan. website contains over 300 web-pages full of information pertaining to topics such as ERP, social media marketing, Web 2.0,  e-Commerce, Supply Chain Management, MIS, and much more - is like an encyclopedia of these subjects. It is cool.  No wonder it has crossed the One Lac visitors mark.    Please visit the site map to navigate this exhaustive website or select the topic from the alphabetical list.
Click here to view real-time report of unique visitors
  • Based on IP address of the visitor the report shows state wise unique visitors numbers, of the USA.  
  • Encouraging feedback received from peers from all over the world about this E-learning site - here is a link
  • This site is awesome academic collection of video lectures and PowerPoint presentations, that you can view from anywhere and anytime.

Point is unless you measure, you cannot improve.  What do you say? Your comment will be appreciated.

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