Tuesday, July 26, 2011

LinkedIn company search - a useful feature - Demo

Find exactly what you’re looking for:
The right company, person, expertise, or knowledge you’re looking for is already on LinkedIn. Now it’s even easier to find what you need to be more effective professionally:

  • Search by name and other distinguishing characteristics to quickly locate the person you are looking for.
  • Use the advanced search to target specific skill sets or find subject-matter experts.
  • Conduct reference searches on potential job candidates and business partners.
  • Quickly search your inbox for important messages and information.
  • Find the right jobs, knowledge, or groups to make you more productive.

You'll find the "Search" box on all pages of LinkedIn in the upper right corner. The "Search" dropdown menu defaults to search for "People" but can also be used to search for Jobs, Answers, Groups, Companies or messages in your LinkedIn Inbox.
You can refine the search by Location, Fortune 500 rank, Industry type, size of company, etc. See the demonstration of the LinkedIn search feature demo for company in the above short video clip.

Don't you think this cool feature can help social media marketing? 
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